Austin Butler finally ‘getting rid’ of Elvis accent to begin RFK accent

Fans will be hearing a little less conversation with that twang and a lot more Boston Brahmin.

Since admitting to stop talking like Elvis Presley, Austin Butler is now signed on to play Robert Francis Kennedy in the upcoming Baz Luhrmann-directed biopic The Impossible Dream. Butler, who portrayed the King of Rock and Roll last year, has been getting torched online for continuing to talk like he is still in character. “I am getting rid of the accent, likely having damaged my vocal cords wicked bad, so plan to talk like this for a while” [Butler doing his best RFK, but still sounding like Elvis doing a JFK impression] the actor, 31, said on Boston’s “Karson & Kennedy” show.

He plans to spend the next few months studying old videos of Bobby and his brother’s John and Ted Kennedy’s political speeches, as well as playing this video on loop. Suspicious minds are questioning whether it will hold up on the big screen.

Baz Luhrmann directing this film also has fans all shook up, worried he might stray too far from historical accuracy and revert to common music-movie tropes as seen in Elvis and Moulin Rouge!. Twitter user @boston4evah tweeted, “I dont wana see no Kennedy dancin all ovah the stage gvivin a speech to workin class Americans #BazIsBad4RFK”.

Sources say Luhrmann, after being peeved it didn’t make the final cut of Elvis, was determined that his next project include his favorite Elvis recording, “The Impossible Dream” (below). The phrase became associated with Kennedy’s vision for a better future for America during his long shot campaign for the presidency in 1968.

Realizing he probably couldn’t make a blockbuster flick about the Boston Red Sox’s 1967 season, a biopic about Bobby Kennedy it was!

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