Boston Lego Sets We Need

It was announced earlier this year that LEGO would be moving their US headquarters to Boston. Why? Well their current headquarters is in Connecticut so I mean, makes sense wanting to get out of there, BUT this is the reason they gave in an official statement:

“Boston is ranked one of the best cities in the world to attract and retain talent. This, along with its world-class academic institutions, skilled workforce and great quality of life makes it an ideal location for our US head office.”

This is filled with a lot of corporate buzz-words but essentially this means they’re coming for all the nerds that went to the prestige schools in Boston, or more specifically, Cambridge. That’s right Boston Dynamics, the Jimmy Neutrons and Young Sheldons over at M.I.T. aren’t gonna be flooding your application pools any more! They’re gonna be fighting Hunger Games-style to get that LEGO salary that’ll get them one step closer to buying that sports car they’ve always dreamt about…

Oh no, not that one. Nerds don’t care about those kinda cars.

That’s more like it! 

Now look, if they’re coming here, we’re gonna need some Boston Landmark LEGOs to drop. Earn the trust of your new city by releasing some sets that speak to the residents. Here are some ideas for Boston LEGO sets I had that I think would have the company welcomed with open arms.

Fenway Park

I can’t believe this isn’t one already! This is American History right here! There’s so many icons in this ballpark I think it’d lend itself nicely to a big build. This idea is a home run (heavy-handed pun absolutely intended). Speaking of sports…

Boston Sports Champions Parade 

I say this as an all-encompassing parade because I think you should be able to interchange the team that wins, thataway every time we win (which is relatively often) you don’t have to buy a whole new set. Sure, keep the duck boats, the big crowd, some of the buildings, but have every trophy, every team banner, and every jersey so that we can swap ‘em in when needed. I mean you wouldn’t wanna have to buy 2 brand new sets in June when the Bruins and Celtics are having parades within a week of each other. 

The Public Garden

I mean this would just be beautiful to build. All the flowers, trees, statues, and of course some ducks for the pond. As a little easter egg, you’d obviously have to include benches on the water and some little figurines of Matt Damon and Robin Williams. But don’t worry, Good Will Hunting will get its true shine in my next idea…

L Street Tavern

This is necessary and I want it down to the details. Sure, you can include the 1997 version of the sign out front as an optional add-on and have the 4 boys drinking a pitcher at one of the tables. Maybe give Matt Damon’s LEGO a little napkin with a girl’s “numbah” on it so you can do the “how you like them apples” scene (although that’s not at this bar). But I want the 2023 stuff as well. I’m talking Keno (which was probably there in 1997 as well let’s be honest), I’m talking a TouchTunes that you can dump $20 into but then the bartenders cancel it and play Luke Combs on an iPad mini instead, I’m talking a line that’ll go far past the building when the Countdown to St. Patrick’s Day clock hits zero. Realistic as hell is the way to go.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Oh no…not this Dunkin, I said I wanna keep it REAL with a Boston Dunkin’…like one these guys would go to.

Half of the Dunkin’ is a gas station. You can see them microwaving some weird white mixture that turns out to be eggs. There’s 1000 straw wrappers hovering around the trash bin area but not inside. Someone brought in a 5ft doberman and it’s taking up half of the line because no one wants to get too close to it. There’s a mobile order pickup filled with lukewarm ice coffees that have a bucket of cream sitting at the bottom of them. That’s MY Dunkin’.

Castle Island

I really want this one to be a set because I love walking around here on a beautiful day and imagining what a real military battle at this castle would look like. If we had a LEGO set I could play that out in miniature scale. I’d get the Thanos LEGO put him on top of the castle, I’d have the Millennium Falcon LEGO shooting lasers from the sky while the Loch Ness Monster LEGO is popping out of Pleasure Bay ready to bite the infinity gauntlet off of Thanos’s hands. It’d rule. 

I’m sure there’s plenty of other Boston staples that could be converted into mini-brick form that’d play nicely, but these are the ones we need.

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