If I Won the Mega Millions

On a recent podcast radio show episode of DJ Chicken Parm, he asked his listeners what they would do/buy if they won the Mega Millions. There were a bunch of interesting answers, because it wasn’t all cars, houses and luxury. Which got me thinking what I would actually like to do if I legitimately won… Aside from paying off debt, traveling, donating to charity, sharing the wealth with friends/family AND fulfilling this post, I have been thinking a lot about just what I would do.

For conversation purposes, let’s assume I’ve already set myself up to not run out of money for life. Of course I quit my job, and honestly, that sounds glorious. But as much as I’d love to say that I’d spend all my free time chilling on a beach or traveling to far away places, at some point that might get old. I want to be doing cool things and I also want to help other people do cool things too. Why have all this dough if I can’t help someone get a jump start on their dreams?? Then I kind of remembered what I wanted CreativeEqual to be all this time.. a creative platform. I’ve always wanted it to be much more than a blog. I always wanted other people to be included too.

So I think I’d turn CreativeEqual into basically a company that funded other peoples creativity. If you want to record/produce music- here’s a decked out studio. You want to write a book- here’s a space for you to be free, think imaginatively and get working on it. You want to bake and sell your desserts- here’s a top notch kitchen. You want to create art and eventually profit from it- here’s start-up money and all the supplies you need. You want to film a movie- here are the resources for you to do that! These are just some of the things that we’d be doing. I’d have a board of people I think are smart, creative, motivated and trustworthy to think about who and what we can help fund, promote and advance.

I’m not trying to have a monopoly on it all, but I’d like it all to be under the CE umbrella. And we’d be encouraging people within the company to work together, anything to promote their own work and expand their ideas. I just feel like I know so many people who give up on their actual creative dreams for lack of money or resources, or time for that matter. So here’s hoping I strike it insanely rich and we can all live the lives we were meant to live!

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