“New” Music in 2021 – Pt. 2

I put a big playlist of a bunch of “new” and actual new songs of 2021 which you can find at the end of this post. Enjoy!


Ain’t Nobody Gon Judge – Leo the Kind (2020)

This is pretty new and I really wish I remembered where I first heard it because I really like it. I can’t confirm, but it sounds like it samples “I Get Lifted” by KC & The Sunshine Band. According to this article, he grew up in Dorchester so you know I especially have to rep him!

It Would Be You – Ben Rector (2020)

Another song from 2020.. I had heard only like two of his songs before, but this one the one I really got into.

I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ – Scissor Sisters (2006)

I had no idea Scissor Sisters had a more popular song than “Take Your Mama”, which I love. This one has almost twice as more streams on Spotify and I had never even heard of it! It’s really fun and will for sure getting more play from me.

We All Love the Same Songs – Lake Street Dive (2010)

I LOVE Lake Street Dive, so when I heard this for the first time, I was pumped. It really was as if they released new music, and that’s such a great feeling – when you discover music from an artist you love. And be sure to listen all the way through, the song really picks up around 2:20.

Sofia – Clairo (2019)

“Sofia” was a contender for my most-listened to “new” song this year. I heard it first, I believe, on 92.5 the River. Didn’t really know what genre to put it in though. I plan on listening to more since Clairo’s newest album, Sling, was #8 on DJ Chicken Parm’s Top Albums of 2021! Of it, he said, “it’s just got a wholly unique sound that is so complimentary to Clairo’s abilities and I really think any fan of just music in general will find this album impressive at the very least.” High praise.

I Won’t Let You Go – James Morrison (2011)

Didn’t think Jimmy would make this post for the second year in a row, but here he is! Great tune that was on some Apple music pop love songs or something.


Going Straight Crazy – Galactic, Princess Shaw (2019)

This came on based on listening to a playlist I made for my girlfriend. Yes, I made a playlist for her like it was a mixtape.. jealous? It was a song Spotify suggested I add because it’s similar to the rest of the ones in it. It’s a pretty cool feature they do and they really nailed it this time.

Dare Me – Pointer Sisters (1985)

See “Make Your Move” in Pt. 1 because once I heard that of course I had to find the sample, and so this was new to me too.


Wildfire – John Mayer (2013)

I don’t remember hearing this on Sob Rock is what I thought when I heard this this year. Then I looked it up and realized it was from 2013! I’m looking forward to seeing John Mayer at the Garden in March and am now hoping he plays this!


Yay Boy – Africando (1994)

I think this can be considered Salsa? And it’s not that I listened to it very much this year, but I mostly just wanted to point out that Ludacris’ “Rollout (My Business)” samples this.


Strung Out Over You – Mavis Staples, William Bell (1969)

If you remember, William Bell was on last years “new” music post for his song, “I Forgot To Be Your Lover”. So many artists returning to the post this year! And obligatory WhoSampled note – Cam’Ron uses this in his “Down and Out” ft. Kanye.

This Too Shall Last – Anderson East (2018)

Love this guys voice! And this was a good song to listen to in 2021. I’d also recommend listening to his cover of “Always Be My Baby”

Colors – Black Pumas (2019)

I saw this on a Spotify playlist my aunt Ginny made and figured I’d give it a listen to see if it could be one to play at the wedding. While it didn’t make the cut for that, I enjoyed it on my own time. Really dig their sound and the acoustic version is reallly good too! They were nominated for Best New Artist in 2020..

Up Top – Busty and the Bass (2017)

Ryan heard this on Yung Bae’s new Apple Music radio show and thought I might enjoy.. What did I say yesterday? He’s never wrong. This was so my style, and I found out they’ve played a couple times in MA at random neighborhood festivals. I’d love to see them sometime. They have a BUNCH of good tunes, so if you enjoy this, definitely keep going with them.

Strange – Celeste (2019)

A little slow and haunting, but sometimes I like that in a song. Her voice is crazy good. Heard this on an episode of Outer Banks, and I also learned that Bridgerton featured a classical cover of it.


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