Boston the Band Blog

I am THRILLED to be writing a post for Creative Equal’s Boston Week! I’ll be honest when I was first asked I was like, really? A whole week? For some band from the 70s? But hey, there’s an audience for anything. So for my post I’m going to be ranking my top 5 Boston songs! Let’s go!


1. More Than a Feeling

A certified CLASSIC! A song you and your boys can toss on while road-tripping to the beach for a weekend. A song you can fit into any action movie. A song that everyone can belt out the chorus too. Who doesn’t love this song? An easy number 1!

2. Peace of Mind

Another ballad! Maybe one of the best songs to shred some air guitar to! Put a leg up on a chair, bang your head around, and pretend to be rocking out a stadium show in the late 70’s. So good.

3. Party

Who doesn’t like to party? No one! Am I right? …I’ll be honest I only knew More than a Feeling and Peace of Mind. I’ve never heard this before right now but the title was fun? I guess? These next few might be tough.

4. Te Quiero Mia

Might as well toss one in for the spanish-speakers reading, because both of us have no clue what’s going on. Not really sure why Creative Equal even asked me to participate. I guess I’m a “music guy” but…Boston? Weird band to assume I just knew a ton about. Let’s just finish this.

5. The Star Spangled Banner

Look I know this isn’t technically a “Boston” song but they did it and I recognized it OK. I’m just glad this is over. I looked like an idiot.


I don’t know what I’m talking about. These guys begged me to do a post last minute and this is all I could think of. I’m starting to think it was a prank. “Oh we’re doing a whole week about Boston because we know so much about them, let’s make Ryan look dumb and force him to do a post. He doesn’t know anything about the million-record selling band Boston, lol”. Well, mission succeeded. Screw you Creative Equal!

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