6 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were From Boston

From presidents to pop stars, many famous people have called Boston home. While we cheer some as local heroes, others have flown under the city’s radar. Here are a few celebrities that you had no idea were from right here in Beantown.

Edward Norton

This famously private film star rarely discusses personal details about his life, so you may not have heard that he was born in Boston. Unfortunately he left the city on poor terms. He fled to Hollywood and pursued an acting career to escape the shame of having led Aggregate Industries, the manufacturing contractor responsible for significant cost overruns and four deaths during the Big Dig. 

Ben Affleck

Another A-lister whose personal life and background are very rarely talked about. You’ll be shocked to hear that this Hollywood hunk actually grew up in Cambridge. Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed Affleck subtly involve his hometown in a couple of his films, such as Good Will Hunting, The Town, Gone Baby Gone, Live by Night, Paycheck, The Tender Bar ….

Little known fact: His close friend and Hunting co-star Matt Damon is also from the Boston area.

Fat Nerd Extra

The chunky dweeb that went to high school with Spider-Man, joined a frat with Will Ferrell, and made out with Bar Refaeli is another local success story. With over 200 film and television credits, he’s been called the world’s greatest movie extra, and he’s made out with Bar Refaeli. In addition to working with brilliant directors like Steven Spielberg and David Fincher, he worked with some commercial director who filmed him making out with Bar Refaeli. Did I mention that THIS GUY made out with Bar Refaeli?

Duncan, the Dunkin’ Donuts Dolphin

Beloved mascot for everyone’s favorite coffee chain, Duncan was born in the New England Aquarium. True Bostonians can’t drive past a Dunkies without thinking of his classic catchphrase, “You bet your blowhole I’m going to Dunkin!” Sadly, despite all of our treasured memories of the lovable porpoise, Duncan was forced into retirement when video surfaced of his gross, sexual misconduct.


For centuries, readers assumed the Trojan War hero hailed from an island off the coast of Greece. Not true. Classical scholars have confirmed that Ithaca, his homeland described in The Odyssey, is what we now know as Martha’s Vineyard. In fact, the palace where Odysseus slaughtered dozens of Penelope’s suitors is now the summer home of the Obama family.

The Antichrist

The false messiah who shall take his seat in the temple of God, declaring himself to be God currently resides in Brighton. 11-year old Damien Phillips is a 5th grader at Winship Elementary, where he uses every kind of wicked deception to lead true believers astray. By 2035, from his pulpit on the Ringer Podcast Network, the great deceiver will found a counterchurch and lead persecution such as has not been before nor shall be thereafter. It’ll be the 2nd lowest point in Boston’s modern religious history.

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