Checking in on my guesses of City On A Hill Season 2 Episode Names

If you recall last year during Boston Week, I took a stab at naming the episodes in the, at the time, not-yet-filmed season two. I haven’t started watched S2 yet, but took a quick look at the episode titles. Here they are:

The first episode is titled “Bill Russell’s Bedsheets” and my predicted 2nd episode was called “There’s No Statue of Bill Russell”. No matter what the rest of the episodes are titled, or what happens in the season, I’ve already won. I mean I really impressed myself here. I nailed that one! Seriously, what were the chances any of mine even shared a similar idea? Let alone the exact person… kudos to me.

And that’s all I have to say. Just wanted to brag a little. Happy Boston Week to me!


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