The Top 10 Least Boston Things @OnlyinBos Tweets

It’s a fast-growing opinion that OIB is, or at least has become, The Worst. The number of tweets they produce that have absolutely NOTHING to do with Boston is at an all-time high. What started as a Twitter account to “track conversation in Boston” (from their pamphlet), similar to @BostonTweet or @Boston_Daily1, OIB has turned to tweeting generally whatever garbage they feel like. From things that would be better off coming from a “Only 90s Kids Will Remember” account or a “Today in History” account, OIB is spectacularly all over the place. There’s no denying how popular they are though, whether they paid for many of their followers or not. And it must be said that they actually do tweet a decent amount of good, important Boston facts, news and pictures. If they just stuck with that, we’d have no problem. The issue we have is that they continue to carry the ‘Only’ name, yet, too many of their tweets are completely (dare we say impressively?) unrelated to Boston. A friend of CE once DM’d them asking if they wanted to repost a Boston-related thing. OIB’s response? A PDF pamphlet of their pricing…. THE WORST. 

Thus, during Boston Week, it only felt appropriate to rank the worst of the worst. And as you’ll see, many of these tweets fit in to more than one category!

10. Tweets about Non-Boston Foods:

I guess I do deserve an order of tator tots… but does that only apply to me if I’m in Boston? If he said something like “you deserve Dunkin’ hashbrowns” I’d get it, but just plain tator tots? This is only #10 because if you really want to stretch it out, I guess you could say they’re potatoes and there’s a predominantly Irish population in Boston… but again, I’m grasping at straws here.

Alright… I got nothing for this one.

9. Tweets about Streaming Services:

Thanks for letting me know, going to watch the Boston-favorite program “Silicon Valley”!

Shutter Island… based on the book written by Dorchester native Dennis Lehane, so close enough?

8. National Whatever Day Tweets:

Buddy if it’s national puppy day the last thing you need to do is ask people to take pics, they’re already posting like mad men.

Where do you even come up with claiming East Coast people prefer creamy and West Coast prefer crunchy? Is that a thing?? Do we have some Biggie v. Tupac style beef now with crunchy peanut butter? 

That’s enough of all that. Please OIB, I’m begging you.. and we’re not even in the Top 5!

7. The Office Tweets

The thing that annoys me most about this is how many names he listed… who tf are Hunter and Todd?

The Office tweets are getting so out of hand. I’d say there’s gotta be at least one a week! You’re starting to ruin the show for me to be honest. 

6. Birthday Tweets about people with no connection to Boston:

This is honestly one of my favorites. Kicking things off wishing TIESTO a happy 51st birthday is so random that I burst into laughter right off the bat. Not even mad at this one…

Excuse my language but what the fuck??!?

5. On This Day Tweets:

This is what I’m talking about where he could literally be running an entirely different account tweeting shit about “On This Day” in history. But no, he chooses to tweet it from OIB. Why????

4. Things NOT happening in Boston:

This has to be a paid thing or something. That’s the only explanation. Maybe someone paid all the “Only In” accounts to generate more demand? Otherwise, this is just completely off-topic.

Perfect, just what everyone in Boston needed to know: a promotion for a business that has ZERO locations in MA, let alone Boston.

3. Information no one is asking for:

I love to just imagine someone panicking in their Mazda Miata like “OH NO my gaslight just came on! And the nearest gas station is 35 miles away?! What am I gonna do?” and they check Twitter and are like “THANK GOD! Bless you Only In Boston!”

I did this and mine said, “A lot of your tweets have nothing to do with Boston”. Whoa I can’t believe it said that!

2. First Person Tweets:

And I’m done with following you.

A rare FIVE for one here ^- On This Day, The Office, First Person, Information no one is asking for AND Random Statements. 

1. Random Questions/Statements:

Keep it in [your pants] Boston pal.


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