Last Minute Shopper? Emma’s Got You Covered

With the holidays approaching quickly, we all have some holiday shopping to do. For the most part this year, it will be online! Here is a quick gift guide of quirky ideas to send to loved ones for the holiday. Is it bold to say this list is better than Oprah’s?

For Grandma – The Custom Pillow Cover

Yes you heard me. A pillow cover. This is the perfect gift for Grandma. Because what does every grandma love the most? Their grandkids. This Etsy seller lets you customize your pillow to include all the names of the grandkids in a cute font. I got this for my grandma for her birthday this year and she still talks about it.

For your Intellectual Friend – The Queen’s Gambit (Book)

For your friend who might enjoy a book this holiday season, I recommend getting them a copy of “The Queen’s Gambit.” Whether they have seen the Netflix series or not, this book is the reason actress Anna Taylor-Joy took on the role as lead character Beth. Plus, a great conversation starter among your colleagues if you like to put your books in a bookcase that also serves as your zoom background. Author note: There are a few published versions of the book but I recommend the version with Will Barnet cover art as linked below – I am a big fan of his!

For the political junkie – Four Seasons Total Landscaping Hat

Okay this one is flat out hilarious. Remember when Trump booked the “Four Seasons” for his, debatably, most important press conference on November 7? And it turned out to be the parking lot of Four Seasons Landscaping Company? I bring to you: The Four Seasons Total Landscaping baseball hat. If you are looking for a gift that really wraps up 2020 politically, this is the perfect gift. Funny, witty, and also practical.

For your Friend living in a Triple Decker – City Bonfire

Do you have a buddy who lives in Southie? Dorchester? Brighton? Somerville? If yes, there is a high likelihood they live in a double or triple decker. This gift is perfect for them. It’s called, City Bonfire. City Bonfire is a portable, small, safe, and reusable fire perfect for making smores on your back porch. Fire lasts 3-4 hours. Perfect for cozying up or saving for a hot summer day. Plus the product was made by two dads whose jobs were impacted by COVID. Sure, it sort of looks like one of those buffet style food warmer things, but it’s the idea that counts.

For Kids – Lite Brite

Skipping on Baby Yoda plush and going straight for Lite Brite. The retro classic that makes everyone feel like a kid again. This is excellent for kids interested in art, science, exploration, and creativity. I’m not sure I have much more to say here.

The Dunkin Queen in your life – Javasok

Do you know a Dunks Queen? (Speaking for myself and on behalf of all other Dunkin Queens) The JavaSok is iced coffee goals. It keeps your iced coffees for colder, longer, and minimizes that terrible soggy coffee sweat. These are reusable, and come in loads of fun patterns and sizes. Yes every Dunkin’ Queen has a go-to iced coffee size. Pop in a gift card and this makes the ultimate gift!

For the Traveler – Homesick Candle

Do you have a friend that travels a lot? Meet a buddy while abroad? Or maybe you need a gift for your boss. The Homesick Candle is perfect for your loved ones who may be on another part of the globe. This is the perfect thoughtful gift that reminds each other what even when we’re apart, we always remember home.

Hope these ideas help get the gift ideas flowing! Might need to order soon so the elves in the north pole have enough time to ship. 


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