Red Sox Rewind – Constructing the Best Team from the past 20 years of Red Sox Baseball

In honor of Boston Week, Matt, Chris, and I revisited the past 20 years of Boston Red Sox history by conducting a draft of the best Sox players since 2000.

The rules were simple: using a snake draft, we each picked a team comprised of a starting nine, a DH, two bench spots, five starting pitchers, two relievers, and a manager. The teams would then be evaluated in two ways:

  1. Each player could contribute their highest single-season WAR (according to Baseball Reference) from a year they played in a Red Sox uniform, giving each team a cumulative WAR tally
  2. A Twitter poll to gauge public opinion

Interestingly, although one team was the clear winner in terms of total WAR, a different team took home the Twitter poll.

See below for a draft overview and a breakdown of the rosters, including the stats from each player’s best year in Boston according to WAR.

Which one of us built the best fantasy Sox team? Let us know in the comments, and feel free to call us out on any draft misses or snubs!

Draft Recap

Draft recap sheet


Roster Breakdown

Includes key stats from each player’s best single season, by WAR, in Boston. 

Chris’s Team – Team A

Chris Team Roster_Page_1

Matt’s Team – Team BMatt Team roster_Page_1

Conor’s Team – Team C

Conor Team roster

Final Tally

WAR Comparison

  1. Chris’s Team (Team A)         96.6 Total WAR
  2. Conor’s Team (Team C)        86.0 Total WAR
  3. Matt’s Team (Team B)           82.6 Total WAR

Twitter Poll Results

  1. Matt’s Team (Team B)      50%
  2. Chris’s Team (Team A)     38%
  3. Conor’s Team (Team C)    12%

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