5 Boston-related Questions

  1. Who are some former Boston athletes that you wish were on Boston teams in the prime of their careers? For me it’s Shaq, Jaromír Jágr, Randy Moss, John Smoltz and Gary Payton. The only reason I exclude KG is because he won a championship with us. I understand it wasn’t exactly in his “prime” years, but it was kind of close. Anyone else I’m missing? Maybe Rickey Henderson? That’d have been fun.
  2. What would you do to revitalize Franklin Park? If you read my City on a Hill post, you will have seen the term Emerald Necklace. And recently, Mayor Walsh committed $28 million to “revitalize” a part of that Necklace, Franklin Park (the final jewel). Over the next year and a half, the City is teaming up with architects, planners, community experts, etc. to create a plan for the park. They shared a survey about what the surrounding community members would like to see in the future and I filled it out. Definitely would like to see it more welcoming more than anything. It’s still hard to get to, tough to find parking, kind of cramped. It’d be nice to have more open area and walking paths. Maybe some live entertainment, even a music festival would be awesome!
  3. Who should replace Tommy Heinsohn when the time comes? I know NBC Sports in leaning heavy on Scalabrine, but he does not do it for me. He’s fine in the studio, but I’ve never really liked him as the color guy. So hopefully they find someone better.
  4. Any books you’ve read and recommend that are Boston related? I recently finished Hammurabi’s Code and really enjoyed that. I’ve also read Shutter Island and Orr: My Story which were both good too. I’d like to stay with fiction though. I’m always kind of interested in crime/thriller too, but would be up for almost anything.
    Amazon.com: Hammurabi's Code (9780671896973): Charles Kenney: Books                        Shutter Island: A Novel: Dennis Lehane: 9780688163174: Amazon.com ...                         Amazon.com: Orr: My Story (9780399161759): Orr, Bobby: Books
  5. Is it time for a new Boston sitcom? I think yes. Not just any old sitcom, I’m talking like Cheers-level. There has been nothing good before Cheers or since. There was Goodnight, Beantown (2 seasons), Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place (4 seasons), The McCarthys (15 episodes) and of course It’s All Relative (22 episodes). We’ve already had shows set in a bar, newsroom, pizza joint, courtroom, police station and political office. So I think it’s time to tackle print media. Yes, it’s all but failed, but the show could highlight that. A struggling newspaper, on the verge of being bought by a larger conglomerate, moving everything to online media. Journalists, editors, bloggers, etc would all be characters. I’d like it to be a good mix between VEEP, Parks & Rec and a fun version of Season 5 of The Wire. I’m looking at Ed Harris, Matt Walsh, Mindy Kaling, Lucas Hedges and Autumn Reeser for the cast.

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