A little over a month ago I wrote about trying new things. I had just gone to a talk about the path to happiness and that was one of the suggested tips. Inspired by this talk, I said that I’d act on these tips when possible. Then a pandemic happened. Tough to try new things! Or so I thought.

A friend and I were on the phone last week and he said that he read that post and really enjoyed it. He asked what else I’ve done since and if anything is on the horizon. And to be honest, I was slightly startled. What could he think I’ve done “new”, in the past month? Because I was thinking “new things” meant more like go to new places, pickup a new hobby, ya know, more outside things. Then I realized we can still “try new things” in the comfort of our own home. Maybe we’re limited to certain things, but maybe not.

I thought about how I recently cooked sausages for the first time. I know that sounds like such a small thing, but I felt pretty accomplished when I sat down for dinner that evening knowing I nailed it. Even texted a friend saying how good they were. So cooking a new meal can absolutely be considered a new thing!

Another thing that I did was made my own wine rack… Don’t get your hopes up – it’s super ghetto looking, but to be completely honest, I love it! I ordered a few bottles from (use this referral link – – and you’ll receive $22 of Winc wine! And I’ll earn some credits!) which were shipped in an appropriate cardboard case holding four bottles. The day I got it, I thought, ya know I could probably do something with this. A few days after mulling it over I thought about making a wine rack and googled some DIY wine racks for inspiration. I’m not what most would consider a “handy man”, but I’m creative. I knew I had some unused pieces of wood originally part of a desk laying around. And could definitely find some screws. So great, I had all the pieces that I wanted/thought I needed. Then some time passed. And that’s a really hard part during all of this. Even though you seemingly have all the time in the world, sometimes you lack motivation to do any of it. Sometimes you need a friend to call you out on what you said you’d do (even if that wasn’t their intention).

This past Sunday came and I had nothing but time. I gathered everything and started working on the wine rack. Screwing pieces together here, unscrewing them and realizing they’re better screwed in another way. Measuring with my eyes, if slats line up with one another. Hammering nails through styrofoam and wood. Then voilà! Next thing you now I was done! And the wine fit, and it didn’t look that bad! I was so happy. I felt so accomplished. Sent a picture to my sisters and a friend. Posted in on social media, maybe to give someone else inspiration to work on their own DIY project that they’ve been putting off. Since finishing too, I’ve been thinking of ways it can be improved. I’m very satisfied with it, but I just think it can look better, not so clunky, and so I’m currently considering ways to work on it. Here’s a picture of it as it stands today:

I’d loved to hear what anyone else has done that’s “new” during this quarantine! Perhaps you needs suggestions though. So here’s some.

Like I said above, cooking can be great one. Find a new recipe and see what you can do. Doesn’t have to be an entire meal, maybe you just make a new dessert. Or maybe you make an appetizer. I know I’d love to try and make my mother’s homemade tomato sauce sometime soon.

I had always wanted to try yoga, but was nervous about the rest of the class. I thought I’d just be taking up space because I was such a beginner. But I did it anyways a few years ago and no one gave me looks or a hard time. Maybe you struggle with that too. So what a better place than home to join in on your first virtual yoga class. I mean, there’s no one in the room looking at you. I say go for it!

Play an instrument, but not an expert? Pick it back up! Personally, I would LOVE to see more people posting themselves playing music on social media. I love to see people’s hidden talents. And I’ve been digging the people who’ve put on live concerts from their homes.

Enjoy writing about things you know/like even slightly? Know where this is going? Of course you do. I have this canvas that allows you to write practically anything you want. It’s called Creative Equal for crying out loud! All I’m saying is think about it!

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