Friday Favorites: Bill Withers songs

Today, after reading a few things about Bill Withers’ life, I learned quite a lot about him. One thing was that he served in the Navy for nine years! Another, that he started professionally singing at age 32 (debut album released in 1971). And lastly, that he performed and recorded for only fifteen years! Too short a career no doubt.

His songs can match any emotion you have. They can just resonate with you like nothing else. Bill Withers’ best song, in my opinion, is the one song I think can be included in every single playlist you make. Your Summertime Cookout, your Dance Party, hell you can even throw it on your Running playlist. It will never fail. It is also one of my all-time favorite songs. So when you reach #1, be sure to turn it all the way up!

And just a quick FYI – after my #1, I struggled so much with the rest of the order. So just take the list for what it is overall, an incredible collection of music. And sorry not sorry for the Top 11, I had to include them all. Enjoy!

11. Hope She’ll Be Happier

10. Don’t You Want to Stay?

9. Grandma’s Hands

8. We Could Be Sweet Lovers

7. Hello Like Before

6. Lean On Me

5. Family Table

4. Let Me in Your Life

3. Use Me

2. Ain’t No Sunshine

1. Lovely Day

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