CreativeEqual is doing #25PostsofChristmas

BREAKING – After throwing out a few feelers to various CE authors, it has been decided that starting December 1st, will be doing a #25PostsofChristmas*. All posts from December 1-25, 2019 will be at least loosely related to Christmas/winter.

I can’t write them all myself though, so reach out if you’d like to write something! I especially encourage new writers. This is a pretty wide open range but if you’re looking for a topic or idea, let me know. Even if you don’t write what I might come up with, it could spark something else for you.

Image result for christmas"

*should it be 25Posts or 25Days? Everything else is “25 Days” so I kind of wanted to be original, but we could potentially have more than 25 posts… TBD I guess

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