Friday Favorites: Yung Bae

Who, you ask? Only the hottest “future funk” producer in the game! From Wiki:

Future funk expands upon the disco/house elements of vaporwave.[15] It takes a more energetic approach than vaporwave. It incorporates elements of French house, albeit produced in the same sample based manner as vaporwave.[47] Most of these samples are drawn from Japanese city pop records from the 1980s).

To be honest though, I still don’t know what it means. Same with “vaporwave”, same with “Japanese city pop” and if I’m being brutally honest, same with “albeit”.

But what I do know, is that I really like his music (albeit not crazy about his name) ((did I do it right??)). YB is a straight up good time. He’s funky, he’s groovy, and I kinda can’t get enough. I really dig the 70s and 80s samples he uses, and most of the time they’re songs I hadn’t even heard before! My cousin, djchickenparm, turned me on about a year ago, so we’re seeing him Sunday at The Middle East!

I’ve listened to most of his stuff and I think these are my favorite. Take a listen, and join us Sunday!

6. Rainbows

5. You’ve Got Me

4. Welcome to the Disco

3. Fell in Love

2. I Wanna Be with U

1. Ain’t Nobody Like You


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