Worst Movie You’ve Seen in Theaters

I posed this question a while back.. What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen in theaters? It’s an interesting one, because your answer hopefully isn’t the worst movie you’ve ever seen, but there’s a very good change it could be. Watching a movie at home is obviously different. You probably feel less guilty when you turn it off/change it/fall asleep. At the theater, you (most likely) paid for a ticket, maybe some snacks, and had a sliver of hope that movie was going to be good or halfway decent. Then it’s not. That’s embarrassing. What do you do? How long do you stick it out? I have yet to leave a movie before it finished. Wanted to, just can’t bring myself to do it.

Got a lot of great responses on Twitter:

  • The Happening
  • Cold Pursuit
  • Burt Wonderstone
  • Grown Ups 2
  • Batman vs. Superman

But the worst movies I’ve ever seen in theaters are:

Holmes & Watson


All About Steve



Part 2 is for a later post.. What else was in theaters when you saw said movie? This is interesting to me because I’m curious to know if you had any better options. Like when Envy came out in 2004, I went to see it with 3 friends. And sure, I wanted to see it a little bit (Jack Black, Ben Stiller – what could go wrong?) but Mean Girls was also showing. Us 14 year old boys also wanted to see that for obvious reasons. So when Envy sucked, all I could think of was how we missed our opportunity to see LL on the big screen.

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