Must Watch: Lizzo/Aristocats

Hopefully by now, you’ve seen the Lizzo/Aristocats mashup that is spreading like absolute wildfire (above). It’s honestly so perfect that the only shame is that were were without it for so long. Anyways, the person who made it is a friend of mine, Brendan Carey. Easily one of the most creative, funny, quick witted people I know. It doesn’t surprise me that he made it, nor does its popularity. When I first watched it, I said to a friend that if this doesn’t blow up (for him), then nothing will. So because he’s all over the place right now (Mashable, Yahoo, Metro) I figured it’s really time to show what else he’s been providing his friends and fans with for years…

Simple, but witty:

A personal favorite:


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Meow what have I done?

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And a classic:

Let’s keep supporting him and hopefully he’ll give us more of this #content.

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