Movies v. Music

As someone who loves movies and music, I find this question to be extremely hard. I’ve had a few conversations about it and some people have answered very definitively, others understandably uncertain.

Regarding movies, I’m still kind of blown away by the ability of someone taking an idea and/or image they created and putting it to film. Like how did George Lucas really describe to everyone involved in making Star Wars what the fictional characters and things he created in his mind looked like? Someone could say “Wookie” or “the force” and we all understand now, but imagine hearing that for the first time? Honestly, try making up a character in your head (hard enough). Then really get into every detail of that being – orientation, looks, traits, behavior, etc. Now give it a funky name. Ok, now explain and describe that character to movie producers, directors, artists and everyone else and convince them to see what you see in your mind. That’s just one! Amazing. I think I would miss that most from no more movies. Being unable to see someone else’s creation brought to life on the big screen would be tough. As many movies as there are in the world today, you don’t know about that new that’s out there. And sure you could watch your favorite movie over and over again, but what if your real favorite movie hasn’t been released, or even thought of yet!

But before saying you’d keep movies and stop music, ask yourself this – how often are you watching movies? Or going to the movie theater? Again, I love movies, I’ve only been to the movie theater like 3 times this year. Watching from home is different, I do love sitting on the couch throwing on an old movie I like or watching something new. But still I’m not doing it that much. Between watching sports and all the TV show options we have, movies have serious competition at home.

All that said, replacing movies, you’d still have the theater. Technically, you could still see a play or even a musical. That could fulfill people’s desire to see something new and fresh. I don’t know if this should be some kind of stipulation or whatnot, but it kind of has to be mentioned, because the question is strictly movies v. music.

Regarding music, I must start by saying I’m obsessed. Kind of weirdly obsessed. I think doing almost any activity is better with music. Maybe it’s because I like a wide range (in my own opinion), but I take any and every opportunity to listen to music. There are countless songs I specifically remember hearing for the first time. And there are in-numerous songs that really touch me emotionally. I can put on a song and transport to a time or place of listening to that song during another period of my life. I can put on a different song and immediately spark emotions, thoughts and feelings while listening to it. It truly is powerful.

Not to mention music as a whole contains vocalization, instrumentation, rhythm, etc. So eliminating any new music would be tough.  But then I think about new music. Must I depend on it? How much new music will I really love? There are literally millions of songs already out there, so many of which I’ve never heard. So perhaps I’ll be okay with fulfilling my desire for new music, by actually finding old music.

I watched Coco the other day and a character said “You know that feeling, like there’s a song in the air, and it’s playing just for you?” and I no joke felt that. I’ve had that feeling so many times. Watching that movie led me to rethink about this hypothetical question. It was such a good movie, and every song in it was incredible so I still can’t decide if I’d risk not seeing another movie like that in the future or not hearing the music from it.

What do you say? Would you stop making movies or stop making music?

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