Spotify Playlist Ideas

I’ve had a Spotify account for a good year now after numerous people advised that this would be exactly what I’m looking for with music. And I have not been disappointed. Honestly, I feel like Spotify is all about making playlists and I love making them so it’s a perfect match. Back when iTunes was my main source of music, I literally had dozens of playlists for all different occasions and moods. I’m not quite there yet on Spotify, but I’m working towards it. You can follow me here.

Here’s a few that I think are a must-have:

Summer/Cookout/BBQ – You’re outdoors all day and into the early evening & then when the sun goes down. Summery style songs that should be appropriate for all ages.

Workout – Arms, back, shoulders, legs – you get the point. These songs should really get you pumped for that superset.

Running – I’m a firm believer that this is separate from the Workout Playlist. Sure they might have mutual songs, but a running playlist doesn’t have to include all pump up songs. They could just be fun, fast, dancing songs. Or even (call me crazy) a slower relaxing song for when you’re on a long run and can’t get carried away or you’ll be too winded and just need to really pace yourself. Speaking for myself here.

Pregame – These are go-to classics that everyone will love. They should put everyone in a great mood for what the rest of the night has in store. It’s a must-have just in case you’re ever put on the spot to get the pregame started.

Dinner – For when you’re preparing and cooking dinner, maybe having some people over for a low-key night. These songs should be able to carry through dinner to the eventual night cap.

Sunday Morning – Picture sitting on a beach on an early August morning by yourself. Or waking up on the weekend and preparing breakfast before your day gets going. Relaxing songs that set the mood for the day.

Bedtime Magic – (stolen from Magic’s nightly show) Songs that can put you at ease, keep you comfortable and relaxed. Possibly to put you to sleep.

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