If You Could Invite 3 People To Thanksgiving Dinner, Who Would You Invite?

And Why? What Would You Talk About?

Remember this question from like 3rd grade? Your answers would be like:

1. Abraham Lincoln. Because we just learned about him. The proclamation, his hat, what his favorite foods are.

2. Nomar G. Because I have his poster in my room. The Red Sox, what his favorite foods are.

3. God. Because he made us. What his favorite foods are.

Anyway, I’m gunna answer this as an adult. Those three are weirdly still on top of my list, but let me give you some more:

1. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. 

This is a no brainer. Ask any New England sports fan and I bet they include TB in their Thanksgiving festivities. We’d seriously have such a wide range of topics to discuss; including, but not limited to, each Super Bowl win, playing for BB, Four Agreements (I read most of it), his wife, etc. And after we eat, I’d ask him to have a catch, which he’d of course agree to because he’s the best.

2. Bill Burr

The laughs would be non-stop at dinner with this Canton native. I’ve seen him live three times and each time he’s killed it. Even when you’ve already heard a joke he does, he’ll tweak it just a little and still have you peeling over. He is by far one of the funniest people around today. It also helps that he’s a good guy, local guy so we could really connect on all things Boston related.

3. Justin Timberlake 

Hear me out – he’s universally loved, he’s funny, and he can sing! It’s the total package really. He also actually does seem like a genuinely great guy so I wouldn’t doubt we hit it off immediately. Next thing you know he’s inviting me out to drinks with Jessica and he and I are co-hosting SNL together.

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