5 for V

Highlighting Five Songs from Tha Carter V

It’s nice to sit down and listen to an entire album start to finish without interruption. You’re able to form your own opinion on it as a whole, rather than reading reviews or hearing a song here or there. Pre-Spotify, I rarely did this. And admittedly, I still don’t do it that often. Honestly, I usually just ask my cousins what the hot songs are and listen to them, or wait to hear songs on the radio. But Weezy F baby, please say the baby should be made an exception.

That said, I have not been waiting for Tha Carter V for six years like many of the other reviews you may read. To be honest, I didn’t even know it was on the table. But, because I have Spotify and can basically listen to any album I want, whenever I want, I listened to Tha Carter V in it’s entirety.

Now I don’t expect many of you to sit down and go track by track (though you should), I understand that’s not for everyone. So I did it for you and highlighted 5 songs from Tha Carter V that you should listen to.

I. “Dedicate“. Really good, plain and simple. It told me Lil’ Wayne wasn’t messing around with this album and actually put a lot into it (unlike other “older” rappers who released albums this year). It’s actually vintage Weezy too when you think about it:

II. “Uproar”. Four songs in and I’ve officially declared Tunechi back! An absolute classic Swizz Beatz track, “Like That“-esque (but heavier “Special Delivery“). Plus, Wayne gives us one of the best lines on the album: “I sleep with the gun, and she don’t snore”. Side note – did you know Swizz Beatz produced DMX’s “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” when he was basically a nobody and like 17 years old? Swizzy!

III. “Mona Lisa”. I’ve always found it fun to debate who is better on a song with one or more featured artist. This song will fall into that discussion. It’s good on its own, before the feature. Then who else but Kendrick Lamar comes on and is possibly better than Weezy (but definitely better than any other featured artist on the album).

IV. “Dope”. If you don’t like “Dope” then you don’t like hip-hop. When I heard the “Xxplosive” sample and heard Snoop on the chorus I immediately texted my brother. Then I played it three more times. Two legends with an all-time sample, what else do I have to say? To be honest, it really brought me back to when I used to listen to his Dedication mixtapes just to hear what songs he raps over. Those were always pretty sweet and really gave us some gems, i.e. Cannon (AMG Remix).

V. “Let It All Work Out”. The album closer. I don’t know enough full rap albums to say which ones had great closers, but this is a great song to end a “comeback” album. I’m not familiar with the sample, but I really like it. And if you listen to lyrics you hear him talk about his childhood suicide attempt and getting a second chance at life. It’s dark and personal, but inspiring at the same time.

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