Winners and Losers of Cover Songs

Artists have been covering (or stealing) songs literally forever, and I’ll tell ya what – I’m usually here for it. But maybe because there seems to be an abundance current day, we have to start declaring winners and losers. That way, hopefully, some will think twice before covering a song. Here are my official decisions on a few new covers:

“September” – Earth, Wind & Fire v. Taylor Swift

Loser: Taylor Swift

Winner: Earth, Wind & Fire

This is a bloodbath, to be honest. Not only is “September” by EWF a Top 2 Wedding song, it’s like a Top 10 song of all time. I honestly don’t even know how Swifties can justify this. She took this uplifting song, slowed it down (changed 21st to 28th for God knows why) and sang it as if she just got her heart broken again. I’m a fan of hers too, but I really wish she hadn’t covered this. Maybe try “After the Love Has Gone” next time.

“Zombie” – The Cranberries v. Bad Wolves

Loser: Bad Wolves

Winner: The Cranberries

Friggin’ Bad Wolves. Can’t even wait til the dust settles on Dolores O’Riordan before they ruin her best song. And they edited the lyrics too – “it’s the same old theme, in two thousand eighteen” GTFOH!

“Under Pressure” – Queen & David Bowie v. Shawn Mendes & teddy<3

Loser(s): Shawn Mendes, the person that convinced Shawn Mendes this was a good idea, whoever teddy<3 is and anyone else involved in this

Winner: Queen & David Bowie

Why do bad covers happen to good songs? I mean FFS you guys, “Under Pressure”??? What were you thinking? I couldn’t even listen to the whole song. Quickest ‘L’ in the history of covers I’d argue.

“Africa” – Toto v. Weezer

Loser: Me.

Winner(s): Seemingly everyone else.

I can’t stand this song. And I feel like everyone else freaks out when Toto gets played like they gave us the greatest song ever. Apparently the cover was a joke between Weezer fans, until they actually did it, and it became kind of a hit. Good for Weezer though I guess, because it’s by far their most popular song in forever, it’s just a shame it had to come in this form.


Looks like the Originals are practically undefeated, so I’ll take a look at some older songs and give my rulings on them in another post… Stay tuned!

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