30 Scenes That May Or May Not Appear in the New Season of ‘This Is Us’

Possible spoilers! Will the following scenes appear in the newest season of ‘This Is Us’? Probably not. Then again, they might, because we* have never seen an episode….

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  1. Kate struggles putting new sheets on her mattress. After her third failed attempt, she breaks down and cries uncontrollably.
  2. Miguel gets a call from a telemarketer. He recognizes the voice, and later discovers it’s his long lost sister.
  3. Beth rides on a horse and reminisces about the time she worked on a farm and was not allowed to go near the horses. There’s a flashback to her as a young child, breaking into the stable after dark and talking to the horses, stroking their manes and feeding them hay.
  4. William attends the funeral of a man he accidentally shot when they were teenagers. The man did not blow the whistle on William, and the mystery of that man’s wound was never known to anyone besides those two men.
  5. Rebecca sings “Candy” at a karaoke bar.
  6. Jack orders late night Chinese food on a Friday night and from a fortune cookie reads the phrase “a smile and a wink gets your further than you think”. The next night he goes out to a bar. While making his way towards the bar, he walks past a beautiful blonde girl, smiles and winks. She smiles back. Seeing this, her gay best friend immediately steps in, snaps her fingers in Jack’s face and says, “nuh-uh honey. Not tonight! That smile and wink gets you further away from us. We’re outta here, douche!” Jack never sees that girl again.
  7. Toby drives a stick shift and the car stalls out in the middle of rush hour traffic. The car eventually breaks down, and so does Toby who then cries uncontrollably.
  8. “Jeepers creepers!”, Randall exclaims after seeing a spider run across his bathroom sink.
  9. Kevin plays drums and sings in a local Police cover band.
  10. Eric cooks a pasta dinner for himself and somehow knows exactly how much spaghetti to put in the pot.
  11. Multiple characters break out into singing Christmas carols after they finish eating their Thanksgiving dinner.
  12. Beth is sick at home. You can tell she’s been “throwing and going” all through the night. It’s early evening and Beth only now realizes that she has been binge watching Court TV since 5 am. Sniffling, she reaches for a tissue and pulls out the last one from her box of Kleenex. Overcome with emotion from being sick and tired, she breaks down and cries uncontrollably.
  13. George volunteers to tutor a young child from the neighborhood. Prior to allowing their 5th grade son in a stranger’s home, the parents suggest meeting beforehand. Upon entering, they notice he has this picture of George Costanza on his mantle that he was given as a joke. These parents have never seen Seinfeld, so they leave right away and call the authorities.
  14. Vincent is a food blogger, writing his local restaurant reviews on thefreshvinceofLA.blogspot.com.
  15. The Pearson’s host a barbecue for family and friends. The kids are playing in the yard, Miguel is on the music and Randall is manning the grill. At one point, Randall quickly runs inside to grab some napkins. When he comes back out, he sees Bryan holding the tongs and checking the steaks and chicken. Randall yells, “step away from my grill! I never let another man flip my meat!”
  16. Toby eats a cookie from his office cafeteria, has an allergic reaction to the nuts, and has to be sent to the hospital in an ambulance. We see a flashback of him eating all alone at the Peanut-Free table at lunch in middle school. He doesn’t know what’s worse, the anaphylactic shock he’s in… or the loneliness that accompanies his condition.
  17. Kevin invites his family to the opening night of his one man show. The character he plays is racist. Despite it being a satirical look on how the mind of a bigot works, everyone in the audience feels like it was just an excuse for him to shout racial slurs for an hour and a half. His black adopted brother doesn’t know how to respond when Kevin asked “So… what’d you think?”
  18. It’s Grandma’s birthday. She gets too close to the candles on her birthday cake and her hair catches fire. She’s rushed to the hospital and is put in the same room as their grandma on the other side of the family who has a terminal case of the Swine Flu. They both die that night holding hands.
  19. Kate’s Zumba class takes an unexpected turn when she finds out the new instructor is her ex-boyfriend. After class, it doesn’t take long for the sparks to fly again. As they both pull out of the lot, his Prius gets slammed by an 18 wheeler. Kate wonders why God doesn’t want her to find love.
  20. Rebecca remembers smoking her first cigarette at an Eagle’s concert while they were playing Hotel California. Now, 40 years later, she tries to hide her Juul addiction from her children.
  21. Barbara gets a therapy dog to help with her severe anxiety. It turns out the dog has irritable bowel syndrome and poops all over her house all the time, causing even more anxiety. Barbara can’t even research the return policy without having a panic attack.
  22. Sophie starts an online relationship with a man who looks almost exactly like Zac Efron. After a few weeks she begins to think he’s cheating on her. She tracks down his address to confront him and finds out it’s actually an overweight elderly woman. Being pansexual, this doesn’t bother her. She proposes on the spot. Her lover says no. She just wanted feet pics.
  23. Timothy (the youngest of the Pearson sextuplets) loses his first tooth. As his mother sneaks into his room at night to place money under his pillow, he wakes up. Realizing the tooth fairy isn’t real, his mother decides to rip the band aid off and tells him about Santa and the Easter Bunny too. He is five and a half years old.
  24. Miguel visits the grave of his father. He finds that some kids desecrated it, writing “Farty McButtFace” in spray paint over the dead man’s name. It turns out Miguel’s own grandchild was the vandal.
  25. After being laid off, William can only find work at a local Qdoba. His old boss comes in and orders the Chicken Diablo Nachos. He doesn’t leave a tip.
  26. Dr. Nathan invites the Pearson’s over for Thanksgiving dinner. His alzheimer’s are getting worse and he keeps calling the Pearson’s by the names of characters from Friends. After Nathan calls Jack “Ross”, he begins to cry. Through his tears he says “so no one told you life was gonna be this way”.
  27. In the 70’s, the family remembers the Christmas they spent without heat. They all sleep in the same bed for warmth. Randall says “our love feels warmer than any fire would”, the dad opens his flask and takes a swig of Jack Daniels. He can’t feel a thing besides his liver slowly dying.
  28. As his PTSD from Iraq gets worse, Toby begins playing Fortnite to desensitize him to the horrors of war. His therapist suggests it’s an unhealthy coping mechanism, Toby stabs him with a fork. He still plays Fortnite but just on prescribed Xanax now.
  29. The Pearson’s find their long lost biological 3rd grandmother as she goes to the funeral for the other two grandmas. As she kneels in front of the casket at the wake, she picks up the Swine Flu germs, she dies that night.
  30. Kevin joins a Fleetwood Mac cover band called “Rhiannon and the Dreamers”. As they embark on their Northeastern Tour he begins to experiment with heroin, wrapped up in the rockstar lifestyle. It isn’t until he can’t remember the words to “Landslide”, the song his parents used to sing him to sleep with, that he realizes he has a problem.

*scenes written by me and Ryan

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