Friday Favorites: Zac Brown Band songs

ZBB is in town this weekend, and I’ll be seeing them tomorrow night!! Saw them last year at Fenway and it was one of the best concerts I’ve been to. They played like 30+ songs, including a good amount of covers (Piano Man, Black Water, Comfortably Numb, etc.). I once said that the Zac Brown Band does not have one bad song and I stand by that statement. And because they are by far my favorite country artist, I couldn’t let a Friday go by without giving my Favorites. This time though, I brought in some friends to add their favorites. So let’s “jump right in” if you will…

   Conor’s Favorites:                                                               Joe’s Favorites:

      5. Chicken Fried                                                                     5. Chicken Fried

      4. Toes                                                                                        4. Jolene

      3. Knee Deep                                                                            3. Colder Weather

      2. Homegrown                                                                        2. Free / Into the Mystic

      1. Who Knows                                                                          1. Who Knows

Flynn’s Favorites:

5. Goodbye In Her Eyes

4. Keep Me In Mind

3. Knee Deep

2. Colder Weather

1. Free / Into the Mystic

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