What To Watch This Weekend

What: NBA Three-Point Contest 
When: Feb. 14 | 8:30 p.m.

I’ve always enjoyed watching the Three-Point Contest, particularly the year PP won. And of course, any Celtic fan remembers, or, in my case, has watched the clip of Larry Bird basically calling his last money ball to win it in 1988 (for the third year in a row).

This year’s 3-Point Contest is loaded with some of the best shooters currently playing the game. To start, you have last year’s winner, Marco Belinelli (Spurs) and the penultimate winner, Kyrie Irving (Cavs). Then you have Kyle Korver from the Hawks, who is lights out this year; shooting like 53% from 3-point range! Then James Harden, who happens to be the leading scorer in the NBA, Duke alum J.J. Redick (Clippers) and Wesley Matthews (Trailblazers). Then, if that wasn’t tough enough, you have the Splash Brothers of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson from the Warriors who, when nationally covered, are must-see-TV.

You can skip the game this year, unless you enjoy watching a meaningless basketball game that will probably end up being won by the West, 141-122. And you can skip the dunk contest, as this year it just has no appeal. The only good thing is they go back to the old format. Here’s an idea for a future Dunk Contest; Maybe make it former winners or something. Sure guys like Kobe Bean and Vince are old as shit, but tell me you wouldn’t wanna watch Vinsanity in another dunk contest.

What: SNL 40th Anniversary
When: Feb. 15 | 8:00 p.m.

We all know how much I enjoy SNL, so I’m definitely making time to watch this Sunday night. You should too, plus, there’s no more football so what the hell else are you going to watch? This will truly be a night filled with some of the most genius comics packed in to a 3 and a half hour special. And honestly, it seems like everyone is coming back. Even Eddie Murphy, who hasn’t been connected to the show since he left in 1984! And think about the additional alum since 2000, when they did their 25th Anniversary: Ferrell, Tina and Amy, Fallon, Fred Armisen, Tracy Morgan, Will Forte, Samburg, Wiig, Hader… Some heavy hitters right there. Expect these former cast members and more to resurrect old skits and characters whether it be through live, updated sketches, taped bits (like a digital short) or just shown as a rerun. I’m pretty excited for it because SNL usually does their “Best Of’s…” the right way. So if you are watching too, enjoy!

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