E.G.O.T. Who ya got?

This poll is simply asking about the physical award trophy that one receives. Which, do you think, is the best-looking award? Here they are:


Oscar (Academy Award):


Each statuette/trophy has its own unique style related to the particular award. There’s a few things that you must take into account when voting:

  • The relevance and significance of the trophy.. I’m too lazy to write about the history of each and how they came to be designed the way they are today, but it’s worth checking out.
  • Is it easy to hold/carry?


  • How will it look on your shelf?

  • Is it easily recognizable by your guests?
  • More I can’t think of right now, but you get the idea.

So I ask you………

After much deliberation and self-reflection, I go with the Oscar, aka the Academy Award… But I wanna hear from all of you! If you vote, write something in the comments as to why you picked what you did. Was it a difficult decision? Did you even bother to look up the significance? Are you solely focused on the name? Did you do some kind of wacky process of elimination? Let me know!

PS – Probably the most notable EGOT winners (those that won all 4) are Mel Brooks, Audrey Hepburn, Whoopi Goldberg and Marvin Hamlisch. Robin Williams was only missing a Tony Award, and I bet he could’ve gotten one too if he wanted.


  1. Honestly I don’t think this is even close. The Oscar is definitely the best trophy. First of all, it is great looking and very iconic – if you see the gold statue, you know exactly what it is. The Grammy looks cool but is sort of stumpy. The Emmy looks too fragile. The Tony looks terrible, like something a kid would get for “best school spirit” or some other high school award. Also, maybe this is just me, but when I see the Tony I can’t help but remember the image of Kramer winning the Tony when he pretends to be a producer after filling someone’s seat at the award show, gets beat up by Raquel Welch, and shows up at Jerry’s apartment looking disheveled with the Tony barely hanging on by a thread. Talk about breakable. Do you think you could break an Oscar? No way. It might as well have an Otter Box on it. Secondly, in terms of hold-ability, the Oscar has to be the easiest to hold. Nice and sturdy but contoured to the hand. It looks great when people like Matt and Ben hold it up in celebration. This sort of applies to the Emmy but again I think I would just be afraid it would break apart in my hand if I wasn’t careful. Meanwhile, there’s no good way to hold the Grammy. You always end up seeing multiple winners, like Sam Smith, clumsily holding a bunch of them at once as if he were trying to carry 4 basketballs or a bunch of watermelons. I think the same thing would happen with Tony, expect who cares if you drop it and it breaks. Next, the name. How can you beat “Oscar?” Grammy is okay, but doesn’t have the same allure. Same goes for Emmy. What do those mean? Granted I didn’t bother taking the time to look up their history, but I doubt many people are. Oscar seems more timeless somehow, and also is a cool nickname for the more stuffy “Academy Award.” Once again, the Tony finishes last in this category. “Tony?” Really? Come on. Not much mystique around the name “Tony.” Finally, I think the Oscar carries the most gravitas and is the hardest to win. There seem to be so many Grammy’s given out every year – record, song, album, performance, best new artist, and then your break it down into different genres – it seems like the music industry wants everyone to take one home. Think about this – Kanye West has been around for what, 12, 15 years? He has been nominated for a Grammy 57 times. 57! Meryl Streep, arguably the best actress of the past few generations, has been acting in major movies for over 30 years and has only been nominated 19 times. There are fewer Oscar noms out there and fewer winners to go around. Also, I have always felt that when an actor or director wins one of the major awards, they enter the pantheon of the elite, kind of like when a QB or Head Coach wins a Super Bowl ring in the NFL. I definitely don’t get that same feeling with the Grammy or Emmy. I couldn’t tell you about the Tony on this front, but I am going to assume the same applies.

    So, in a nutshell, the Oscar is the best because it looks the best, is the most iconic, is easily held and shown off, has the best name, and is the most difficult to win.


    • Completely agree with everything above. I even tried to find the clip of Kramer in Jerry’s apartment with the broken Tony or even a still shot, but nothing.. I still encourage people to look up the history of each award – a simple Wiki search will do. Each has a specific reason for the design. Lastly, i specifically tried to keep out the debate of which is the hardest to win, because that goes without saying. but figured it would arise. Thanks for commenting!


    • Emmy all day, every day.

      Conor – You’re letting reputation cloud your decision. Obviously the Oscar is the most prestigious award in Hollywood by a wide margin. That alone makes the statue seem more iconic than it deserves to be. It’s design is ordinary, yet preposterous: a man holding a sword. Gross. You people make movies; you don’t fight battles. Get over yourselves, Academy.

      The Emmy, on the other hand, is creative and elegant. A winged muse of art holding up an atom. It celebrates artists who lift up the scientific achievement of television, while maintaining a sleek design. Pretty much perfect.

      Obviously, the Grammy and Tony are garbage, especially the Grammy. Just look at that MJ photo. Barf.


      • Oh Great One, I understand and agree that the Emmy is creative and elegant. But the Oscar “man” is a knight. A knight standing on a 5-spoked reel of film, depicting actors, writers, directors, producers, and technicians. His sword represents his skill and how he has conquered one or more of the 5 spokes.


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