Odell Down Under v. Oregon Trail. Who ya got?



This was tough, but I think I go Odell Down Under.

To me, ODU was survival of the fittest in the Great Barrier Reef, because even if you start as a sprat, you could make your way to the top. Hustlin’, scheming’, avoiding anything bigger than you, were all great tactics used when you were a bottom feeder. And when these moves propelled you enough to become a larger fish, that’s when things got real fun. You knew who/what you could eat and stuff you needed to swim away from, until eventually you became the great white shark, and then you just did whatever the hell you wanted.
Oregon Trail was cool and all, learning about various historic locations on your westward journey, but then it would rain one day and all of a sudden you’re dead with cholera. Where’s the fun in that?

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