Friday Favorites: Comedies

Friday Favorites is going to bring you our list of favorites of a certain topic. With Dumb and Dumber To being released today, it made me think where I put the original in my list of Favorite Comedy Movies, so Chris and I put together our top five.

Flynn’s Top Five

There is no criteria for a comedy making it in my Top 5, as there are probably 15 different movies that could be in here. But after much deliberation, here they are. (If you don’t laugh at any of the below clips you probably don’t have a pulse and we can definitely never be friends)

Dumb and Dumber

Blazing Saddles

Old School



Chris’s Top Five

Alright time for the real 5. Whittling down my list of favorite comedies was no simple task. In fact, the only way I was about able to push through this grueling process was to remind myself that it was more about the journey (a.k.a. mindlessly watching youtube clip after youtube clip) than the destination. So, here they are, in no particular order:

Step Brothers

Ace Ventura 

21 Jump Street

Wedding Crashers


Let us know if you feel strongly about us leaving one out or just give us your five favorite!

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