“New” Music in 2022

One of my favorite things, something that makes me genuinely happy, is hearing a new song for the first time and liking it. Liking it so much you immediately find out who sings it, when it was released, what album it was on, what else that artist sings (if they are new to you), etc. That happened a lot this year, and I loved it each time! I tried really hard to write down when I heard a new song that I liked, but as always, can’t remember them all. Instead of doing it by genres or by decade, I’m doing different categories this year- I’m organizing them into Where/When I heard them. As a reminder, these are all new songs to me- meaning I heard them for the first time ever within the past 12 months (only two were actually released this year). Hope you enjoy these tunes!

Cutlet Radio with DJ Chicken Parm

If you don’t already know, this is my cousin’s podcast radio show. There were SO MANY songs I learned this year from it, so I highly recommend listening. You can also find your boy on a few eps! Here’s a few of the best I was introduced to this year.

The Ills – Cold Blooded Soul Verion – Denzel Curry (2022)

I had heard of Denzel Curry but never listened to anything by him. This one definitely makes me want to check out all of his stuff. This song was featured in S2, E5 of Cutlet Radio.

Super Rich Kids – Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt (2013)

Heard this on Season 1, Episode 3: Cash Rules Everything Around Me: A Guide to Wealthy Living and loved it! Also from that episode was…

Dollar – Electric Guest (2019)

Two great songs from the same show??!? What more can you ask for?

Tenerife Sea – Ed Sheeran (2014)

I heard my cousin Grace talk about it while she was a guest and looked it up. Wow! Sheers really knows how to tug on the ol’ heart strings

Mariposa – Peach Tree Rascals (2020)

Preeettty sure I heard this on an ep, but forget which one. Contender for best “new” song I heard this year


I And Love And You – The Avett Brothers (2009)

Saw it on my brother Mike’s ‘Good Tunes’ Spotify playlist. Shoutout Mike too. If I had been doing these new music posts from the ages of like 4-19, he’d be credited with most of them.

Sunday Best – Surfaces (2019)

Same as above. Also in contention for best “new song”. It’s just so feel good. Probably the most played of the bunch.

Joy Of My Life – Chris Stapleton (2020)

My good friend Kev told me it was going to be his first dance song so I checked it out and really enjoyed it. 

Sweet Lovin’ & Never Love You Again (2015, 2021)

My girlfriend Julia told me about these, but don’t read into the title of the second one. These are some fun ass songs


I traveled to Galway and Killarney in April and was actually introduced to a handful of “new” songs over there. These were the best ones…

Don’t Look Back in Anger – Oasis (1995)

I don’t know how I hadn’t heard this before, but this was played at quite a few bars in Galway. I don’t love Oasis, but so when everyone was singing this and I found it was them, I was kinda surprised. 

Summerfly – Maura O’Connell (1989)

Heard a guy named Paddy at 1520 bar in Galway sing this and he did a lovely version. Actually, he nailed every song he sang that night.

Angels – Robbie Williams (1997)

This was this first good song a band played at Monroe’s in Galway and it was the only song that seemingly everyone in the bar was singing. Ended up being good craic that night. 

Cape Cod

There’s something about listening to music on the Cape. I hate to use this phrase, but it really is if you know you know. We can all paint our own pictures of listening to a good song once we cross the bridge, these were mine this year.

Freaks – Surf Curse (2013)

Heard a Cape Cod cover band, Nautilus, cover this at the Sand Bar in West Dennis. Absolutely electric!

Staple It Together – Live in San Diego – Jack Johnson ft. Money Mark (2008)

My girlfriend’s brother Ian played it down the Cape while we were playing cornhole in the backyard with the grill going. Idk what it was, but this version of this song just worked!

Flower Shops (2022)

I know I heard this down the Cape too, it was probably Ian again, but can’t remember for sure. 


The Promise – Tracy Chapman (1995)

I wish I could remember where I heard this, because it’s such a beautiful song. I feel like everyone knows “Give Me One Reason” and “Fast Car”, but personally I think this song takes the cake as her best, or at least my favorite.

Forever Now – Michael Buble (2018)

I was just randomly listening to Buble, and stumbled on this one and listened to it on repeat for a while. Later in the year, my cousin used it as her Father/Daughter dance song at her wedding. 

I Hate Love Songs – Kelsea Ballerini (2017)

Not sure where I heard it, but I really liked it, which is pretty wild, because I’m an absolute sucker for a good love song.

Loving You, Loving Me – Dave Barnes (2009)

This was on a Discover Weekly playlist that I was really digging. 

Sunday – Office Hours (2018)

Another song from a Spotify Discover Weekly playlist. Sometimes they really get me.

The Weekend – Michael Gray (2005)

Unfortunately cannot remember this one, could’ve been Cutlet Radio, or Discover Weekly, or something else. Who knows – good tune.  

Many the Miles – Sara Bareilles (2007)

Ok ok sorry, can’t remember this one either, but also one of the top “new” songs of my year!

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