It’s Me, The Girl From Kenny Chesney’s Song ‘Boston’

Day #1

*Girl writes new entry in her diary*
Wooow! OMGEE This is place is beautiful!! I’m so glad I decided to take this long weekend vacation to get away from all the hustle and bustle back home. It’s soo needed

Day #2

*Girl texts Mom*

Day #3

*Girl posts pic to Instagram*

Day #4

*posts another Instagram photo showing off her new baby dreads*

~i did a thing~

(photo unavailable)

Day #7

*writes postcard to Mom*
Dear Mum, Sorry I haven’t texted in a little while, my phones been acting craaaZy, so I figured I’d write a postcard! Things are #different down here! I’ve met a ton of awesome people and I think I’m gonna stay a little bit longer. I even got a job at the jewelry store, so that’s been great! Talk soon. Love you to the moon and back!!

Day #8

*over email*
Professor: Hi, I’m just reaching out because you haven’t been to class in over a week. Please let me know why you have been absent.
Girl: Sorry I haven’t been to class, my dreams have changed.
Professor: I’m sorry what? Are you saying you don’t want to complete your biology degree?
Girl: That’ll have to wait for now.
Professor: What dream is so important that you have put your education on pause?
Girl: I love rasta reggae rhythms.
Professor: …like you want to become a reggae musician?
Girl: No I just love it. Wanna listen to it.
Professor: Can’t you just, you know, use your headphones? Or find a local reggae band?
Girl: Don’t Worry…about a thing.
Professor: Is… is that a Bob Marley reference? Do you even know any other reggae artists?
Girl: G2G I’m on Island Time 🙂

Day #10

*at a bar, a group of guy friends are talking and laughing*
*Girl walks over and interrupts*
Girl: I’m from Boston
Guy #1: uhh what?
Girl: I said I’m from Boston
Guy #2: oh, ok… do we know you?
Girl: No.. but we could be friends?
Guy #3: hey I’m from Boston too! What part are you from?
Girl: Actually it’s just outside Boston
Guy #3: oh.. so, where then?
Girl: Danvers!

Day #14

*Girl runs into Red Sox Hat Guy at Reggae bar*
Girl: No way, is this Bob Marley?
Red Sox Hat Guy: Heck yeah it is
*Girl closes eyes and starts doing weird wave thing with arms*
*Red Sox Hat Guy passes girl a joint, she takes one hit and passes out*

Day #21

Girl: Ayyy! Jet Ski guy, mi hombre! Que is going on?! Got anymore of that stuff from the other day?
Jet Ski Guy: Yeah but it’s gonna cost you double this time…

Day #26

*writes postcard to Mom*
Mom, please help. I’m running out of money! And the jewelry store job I said I had – I lied. I peddle lost jewelry items me and Julio find on the beach using his handheld metal detector… It’s NOT. GOING. WELL.

Day #27

*writes postcard to Mom*
Hello MoM. Donut wurry about me. I am fine. Pleez send $$. Sincerrily, Julio ME


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