Pixar Movies, Ranked (Pt. 2)

10. Toy Story 2 (31)
Toy Story 2 | Full Movie | Movies Anywhere

Emma: All Toy Story’s are great but the second takes the cake. This is a rare scenario where the sequel is superior to the original, which in itself earns this movie bonus cred. Jessie is the new toy in town and she is the boss – love to see a female character take the lead. Toy Collector Al McWhiggin was an absolute nutjob but him and his cheesepuffs, alongside evil “Stinky Pete” made the movie tasteful. Storyline is an emotional whirlwind – don’t get me started on “When she loved me.”  So interesting to watch the characters develop an understanding of what it means to be a toy. Top scene: Fixing woody.

9. Wall-E (32)
Amazon.com: Wall-E (Single-Disc Edition): Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight, Jeff Garlin, Fred Willard, Macintalk, John Ratzenberger, Kathy Najimy, Sigourney Weaver, Andrew Stanton, Original Story By Andrew Stanton And Pete Docter, Screenplay By Andrew

Conor L: Visually stunning and surprisingly moving, this movie takes the cake for me. Who knew that robots could elicit so much emotion – with virtually no dialogue! The (admittedly heavy handed) warnings about our perilous future feel more relevant with each passing year.

Kevin: ‘Trash-compacting robot finds love’ is in the running with ‘rat makes food’ as the least marketable premise of any Pixar film. Add in the fact that 22 minutes go by before the first word of dialogue, and there’s every reason to think this movie wouldn’t work. But the artistry in the writing, animation, and music evokes joy and positivity in each scene. WALL-E makes you feel hopeful about a world that has an atmosphere filled with literal trash.

T-8. Ratatouille (38)
Ratatouille (2007) - Rotten Tomatoes

Emma: This movie’s for the dreamers. Anyone can cook! Even a rat. Remy represents anyone who feels like they are or have to be in hiding. And Lingiuni (as ridiculous as a name Alfredo Lingiuni is, it I think it works) not only keeps Remy a secret, pretty much adopts him as a friend and sidekick. Story line picks up when it becomes obvious to others, especially with Colette, finding out that Remy is the master behind the culinary crafts. Can’t help but relate it to other iconic scenes like the singing dub in Singin’ in the Rain. Top scene: Anton, the food critic, actually liking the taste of the dish.

Connor K: You can literally taste this movie. Everything from the lighting, the expression of flavor, color, sound – its so ethereal they make you feel like you’re right in a French kitchen.

T-8. Toy Story 3 (38)
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Kevin: All respect to the Godfather trilogy, but, for my money, Toy Story is the greatest film series of all time. It reached its peak with Toy Story 3. The running themes of friendship, loss, and avoiding irrelevance come to an emotionally devastating climax. Seeing Woody and the gang hold each other as they face a fiery demise wrecked me more than any moment I can recall in a movie theater.

Conor L: Toy Story 3 combines all the elements that make Pixar movies great – laughs, emotional stakes, adventure, and friendship. There are moments that hit you like a ton of bricks – I may have teared up a bit in the movie theater – but it’s so fun to watch and a true joy from beginning to end.

Ryan: Add this one to the growing list of Pixar movies I cried watching. They took all the characters you know and love and crafted an awesome story about growing up and letting go behind them. When Andy drove off my face was soaked, it was the perfect ending… until they did 4 for some reason.

6. Monsters, Inc. (42)
Monsters, Inc. | Disney Movies

Matt: Such a great concept and is surprisingly very quotable. #6 is an interesting spot for it considering it’s in almost everyone’s Top 10! It’s especially nostalgic to me because I watched this so many times with my younger brother. Also, Mike Wazowski might be a Top 5 best Pixar characters, Billy Crystal nails it! 

Ryan: I truly think this is the best mix of emotion + humor + action that Pixar has produced. Super creative concept, great voice cast, and so much heart. I don’t think there’s anyone who dislikes this movie. It’s a certified classic and probably the Pixar movie I’ve seen the most.

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