A Plea to SNL: Release All Audition Tapes

During this pandemic, production on TV shows has obviously been disrupted and delayed. And it really makes you wonder when we’ll actually get new TV. Could be months, could be years. So networks really need to start thinking about what they’re going to do. The Ringer suggested that if “networks have holes to fill and can’t fill them with something new, they should show us what we missed out on. Empty out the archives and give us Game of Thrones and other unaired, unpicked-up, completed pilots of the past”. Love that idea! And for some reason it made me think of SNL. I definitely think they should dedicate an “episode” to strictly cut-for-time skits. Let us see what we missed, because there’s got to be a few gems, like this one from Ferrell.

But in addition to that, I think what I’d like to see more than those skits, are the full audition tapes of those who made the show and especially those who didn’t. I knew that guys like Jim Carrey and Steve Carell auditioned, but I’m sure there’s a bunch more that I didn’t know. I recently learned that Donald Glover tried out for a role while he was writing for 30 Rock! Let us see now well-known actors in their vulnerable auditions. We can laugh at what could have been, or perhaps see correlation from their tapes to characters individuals play on other series. Do we agree with Lorne’s decision to hire one person over another, or did he really miss a great opportunity? It would really be a fun 90 minute show.

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