Can’t spell Covid Quarantine Isolation without Creative Equal

During this quarantine, I really thought I’d be overflowing with creative ideas. I thought I’d be fighting myself over what post to finish next and when to post certain things. But the reality is that simply has not been the case. *extreme Tim Robinson voice* At all. I even went back to a very old notebook that has ton of ideas from when I was in high school and college for possible inspiration. Pages full of one liners or “SNL ideas”… Let’s just say most of them are no good, many even cringe-worthy. Some I don’t even know what the hell I’m talking about. For example, there’s a line that just says “Rogaine on face”… Can’t help but to laugh at myself for what I thought was funny at a certain point in my life.

Anyway, I hate that CE hasn’t posted anything in almost a month. There’s really no excuse for it. All I have is time. So I could be putting in a lot of time into some of my ideas, perfecting them to a certain extent. But I’ve been struggling with that lately. So I’m saying fuckit. I’m just gunna go with the flow and write and create whatever I feel like. I expect the quality to be extremely low. Like the lowest form of quality you can imagine. If that’s what you’re looking for – keep coming back for the foreseeable quarantine!

I don’t even know what it will be- could be lists of random stuff, thoughts that read like a journal entry, really bad skits that make sense and are funny only to me, etc. I do know that I’m losing my freaking mind, so I just gotta get all this stuff out there. I don’t expect anything to stick, and while I would say that I’d love some feedback, honestly, I don’t even care about that (unless it’s good feedback, which then of course, by all means share!) I’m not even trying to gain new followers, I’m just bored.

I think I have more than 215 “posts” all time on this site over the course of six years! Why start caring about quality now? LFG!!

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