Solid Boston Movie Scenes

Every post on the internet these days is concerned with the best this or the top 5 that. You know what doesn’t get any respect? Things that are solid. Are these scenes the best? Eh, they’re pretty good. And, truth be told, I’m probably missing a lot here. I haven’t come close to seeing all Boston-based movies, including some of the big ones like Spotlight, Gone Baby Gone, or Mystic River. Regardless, one thing is for certain with this group: these are definitely scenes that are definitely from movies that are for sure set in Boston.


Now that I’ve got the crowd pumped up, let’s dive in.

Spenser Confidential 

How could I start with anything other than the 2020 Netflix classic, Spenser Confidential?

Yeah, it’s pretty rough. 


The Departed

Latest Once Upon A Time In Hollywood GIFs | Gfycat


Fever Pitch

Don’t get me wrong – the Jimmy Fallon led remake is not a great movie. BUT I’ve always loved the idea of getting that delivery of fresh tickets to all 82 games and having that draft with your friends. 




The Town

I definitely saw this movie. and I’m pretty sure I liked it. Somehow, I remember absolutely nothing about it. I even forgot that Jeremy Renner was in it. 


The Fighter

I’m a big fan of The Fighter so here’s two scenes:


The Equalizer

Around here, everyone knows a badass Home Depot employee so it was only a matter of time before a story like this made its way to the silver screen. 


Boondock Saints

Just like The Town, Boondock Saints is another movie I’ve seen – probably multiple times – and yet I remember absolutely nothing about it. Nothing.

Here’s the first clip I found:


Good Will Hunting

An absolute classic.


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