Christmas Movie Knockout

With the big day less than a week away, time is running out on the greatest seasonal film genre of them all: Christmas movies.  

Families have gathered around the TV for decades to enjoy Kevin McAllister’s booby traps, laugh at Buddy the Elf’s hijinks, root on Rudolph, and roast the Grinch (seriously, best diss track of all time?).  

Discovering new Christmas movies is delightful, but revisiting these classics year after year is an exercise in comfort and nostalgia.  

However, thanks to Netflix, Lifetime, Hallmark, and others, waves of new holiday movies have flooded our queues in recent years. To help navigate this ever-growing pool of options, the internet has blessed us with countless “best of” lists. But is this really the greatest way to separate the toys from the coal? Nice from the naughty? Snow from the ice? (C’mon, I’m trying.)

Creative Equal is taking a different approach by giving the power to you, the people. That’s right – behold our first ever Christmas Movie Knockout! 

The list below was compiled after careful (read: cursory) research into several Christmas movie lists and rankings. The movies lean towards the older end of the spectrum, with a few more recent hits sprinkled in with the classics. 

Styled after March Madness brackets (and our very own Christmas Song Knockout), movies will be pitted against each other in head-to-head matchups, whittling them down from an initial crop of 32 until there is single champion.

Grab a cozy blanket and a cup of hot chocolate – voting starts now!

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