Matt Flynn Fantasy Football Retirement Statement

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I write to you today to announce my retirement from the game of fantasy football. It won’t be an announcement to fantasy baseball or anything to that nature. I think everyone has their own reasons. There has been a lot of speculation in terms of why. I am pretty sure I will get to that point once you guys get the opportunity to ask questions. I want to say thank you to Mr. Gulovsen for presenting me with the opportunity to participate in the game of fantasy football, and certainly to give me an opportunity to join “bchf-football” and meet some wonderful people and build great relationships. Thank you to my family and a lot of my friends who have come up to support this day and support me, who’ve always supported me once I logged into Yahoo and even when I dabbled on ESPN. I want to say thanks to all the fans for allowing me to come in and they have adapted me to be one of theirs and in response I tried to step on the fantasy football field and do the best I could.

I will support fantasy football. I think the game itself is a lot bigger than Matt Flynn. I’ve been given an opportunity by people around me, to name a few, Conor LeBlanc, Kevin McCarthy, even Eddie Donovan. These guys played the game at the same time as me and what Mr. Gulovsen has done for the league, gave me an opportunity to play the game of fantasy football. I played it to the best that I could play it, I tried to enhance the game itself, I’ve tried to be the best fantasy football player that I could be. Next thing you know, here we are as a league. I think the league is going to continue on, although we’ve had our troubles over the last thirteen years, I think that’s a reality check for all of us. That it is a business, with money involved, yet it is still fun. It is still a game and the game will continue on.

Once again, I have had a great time and can’t say enough for the people who’ve supported me and my life will take a change. People say, ‘Well Matt Flynn doesn’t have any challenges away from the game of fantasy football.’ I dispute that. Being a twenty-something is very challenging. If you have students loans and rent and other responsibilities you know that and I welcome that challenge. I look forward to it. I will live vicariously through my friends and family if they play the game of fantasy football or if they don’t. I will support that. I will do what I can as a friend and relative to make sure that happens and that’s the challenge that I have in front of me. I look forward to that.

That’s all I really, truly had to say. I thought about saying just two words, ‘I’m gone’, but I figured I owe the fans and certainly my friends a little bit more than that. So that’s one of my reasons for writing this.

I will field any questions in the Comment section.

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