Guest Verses That I Could Do Without

I’ve been thinking a lot about this question since I first saw the tweet. Hanif goes on to add that “when considering worst guest verse by a rapper on a song, the quality of the song also has to be taken into consideration” which I completely agree with. But it’s pretty hard to determine what’s the “worst” guest verse I’ve heard. I’m sure I could find terrible songs, with terrible features, but that’s less fun. I don’t like to advertise (my opinion of) bad music, so instead I’ve listed a few good songs with a bad guest verse.

Here are a few guest verses by a rapper that I could really do without…

  • Puff Daddy on Super Cat’s “Dolly My Baby”

While I don’t find that Super Cat and 3rd Eye offer great verses, Puffy really ruins this song. Which is unfortunate because Biggie follows him with an absolute classic verse. Truthfully, I sometimes question if that’s even Puff rapping. Not sure if I believe it.

  • Cory Gunz on Lil’ Wayne’s “6 Foot 7 Foot”

It’s really not terrible, but honestly I just wish it was entirely Wayne. Gunz finishes pretty strong, but I usually don’t even make it that far. I hit ‘NEXT’ when he starts rapping. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Common on Kanye West’s “Get Em High”

I love “Get Em High”. I do not love Common’s verse. I just don’t think it flows the way Talib’s and Kanye’s do. He kind of throws the whole thing off.

  • Jay-Z on Young Jeezy’s “I Do”

“I D-O, I D-O, I D-O oh oh
I, Vito, promise to treat this game, I-D-O”

Not a great start HOV! I’ll tell ya, I’m a HUGE Jay-Z fan, so you gotta believe me when I say I was hesitant to put this on the list. But it’s only because I’ve listened to this song so many times and am just disappointed that he seemingly mailed it in. I imagine Jeezy sent him the beat for a feature and all he told him was the track name. A week goes by and Jeezy doesn’t hear from Jay. Two weeks, nothing. Three, nothing. Jeezy says to himself, “I gotta get someone else on this song” and reaches out to 3 Stacks. Days later he gets Andre’s verse and Jay’s. Not wanting to upset Jay, he still includes it on the song. But puts it in the middle and gives the song a strong finish with a top notch André 3000 verse… Success!

  • The Outlawz on Tupac’s “Hit ‘Em Up”

Yikessss! Tupac says, “I don’t even know why I’m on this track. Ya’ll… ain’t even on my level. I’ma let my lil homies ride on you” and to that I say I don’t even know why they’re (The Outlawz) on this track. They ain’t even on your level. Please don’t let your homies ride on anyone…

  • Swizz Beats on Kanye’s “Lord, Lord, Lord”

Nope. Please stick to producing. (save for)

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