Friday Favorites: Saw Doctors Songs

I don’t have as cool of a story as my aunt seeing the Pogues, but I saw the Saw Doctors a few years ago at the House of Blues and they were awesome. They played all of their hits, and you could tell everyone there were big fans, singing every song. And I imagine the Saw Doctors love doing shows in places like Boston too. If they go back on tour together, I highly recommend seeing them.

10. Never Mind the Strangers

9. Red Cortina

8. Tommy K

7. I’ll Be On My Way

6. Joyce Country Ceili Band

5. Clare Island

4. I Useta Love Her

3. Green and Red Of Mayo

2. Share the Darkness.

(Brid Dooley is the woman who sings the chorus in Gaelic. Now this is some investigative journalism right here.)

  1. N-17.

    This is the song that made me love Saw Doctors. And if you’re gunna listen to it, you gotta go the live version.

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