Songs That Should Be Played More at Irish Bars


A friend of mine told me a while back that he wished Irish bars played more of a variety of songs. I agreed, but asked him to clarify. He explained that he feels as though it’s the same 10 songs you hear over and over again. He said he’d love to hear “Delirium Tremens” and while this is a fun song, I wouldn’t expect to hear it at a bar. But I have compiled my own personal list of songs that I feel should be played more, less, always, and never… And if you’re looking for a good variety of live Irish music, some of my favorite bands who play around Boston are Devri, Boxty and Jinty – check them out!

Enjoy and let me know what Irish songs you’d like to hear more!

Always Play (self-explanatory): Fields of Athenry

Never Play (self-explanatory): The Unicorn

Play Less (these songs are played a lot, let’s hear them less): Galway Girl, Wild Rover, the Thin Lizzy/Metallica version of Whiskey in the Jar).

*To clarify, I like the first two songs and they’re always fun, you just hear them a ton and there’s so many other songs! The TL/Metallica version of Whiskey is awful though.

Play More (these songs are played occasionally, let’s hear them more): Dirty Old Town, Tell Me Ma, The Ferryman

Start Playing (very rarely played, should be in the set):

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