Songs I’d like to see DMB cover

DMB has a wide variety of artists they cover ranging from Sly & The Family Stone to Peter Gabriel to The Zombies. And they do most of them justice, which, if you ask me, is very rare. So I got to thinkin – if I could request two songs that the full band would cover, I would start with these two:

Pick Up the Pieces – Average White Band

Even though it’s all instrumental I think this would be an incredible jam. Dave dancing like a maniac doing that jimi-legs move he does. It’s just so funky and they’d kill it

You Can Call Me Al – Paul Simon

How great is this song? Full band live would do an unreal job and you know the whole crowd would be singing along.


Of course this lead me to asking myself what covers I’d have Dave & Tim do too. They have their fair share of covers as well, so here are two I’d love to see D&T cover:

Layla (acoustic) – Eric Clapton

I’ve always loved this version, and bet the two of them could do it justice sans piano

Harvest Moon – Neil Young

Dave supposedly played this with Tim, Brady Blade, Tony Hall and Eddie Vedder at Rob Glaser’s wedding reception in ’04 but there’s no audio or video of it. So we really don’t even know if they did play it. Well ever since I heard two of my friends play it, I’ve always thought it’d be cool to see these two do it.


OK, last one I swear. You know how sometimes Dave comes out at the beginning on an encore and does a solo like Rye Whiskey, well here’s a cover I’d ask Dave to perform solo:

King of the Road – Roger Miller

This would be a perfect song for Dave to start the encore with, in my opinion.

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