Friday Favorites: Prince songs

People throw around “musical genius” too much I think, but if there was ever literally one last musical genius, it was The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. I’m certainly not as well versed in Prince songs as I wish I was (I thought Computer Blue was just a play drawn up by Prince in a Chappelle’s Show skit, not an actual song). VH1 was playing a ton of his music videos last night and I really regret not knowing more because so many were so good. But I really enjoyed the songs I knew of his and here I am to rank them. Unfortunately there’s no way I can post the actual or best videos to each song so bear with me.

10. Purple Rain

9. Sexy MF

8. I Wanna Be Your Lover

7. Raspberry Beret

6. I Would Die 4 U

5. When Doves Cry

4. Little Red Corvette

3. 1999

1b. Let’s Go Crazy

1a. Kiss



And although it’s a cover, this video is a must watch

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