5 Boston-related Questions

  1. Do you believe Ted Williams hit the ball that far? Furthermore, is it blasphemy that I don’t buy it. I’m with Papi on this one. Here’s my theory: Williams hit a bomb, but when it landed, it hit the cement and took a hard bounce back in the air and then landed at 502 ft. Image result for ted williams seat
  2. Who has the worst name is Boston media? My nominee is Dalen Cuff of CSN. Did his parents mean to name him “Jalen”? That’s a little more normal. Plus, it doesn’t help his last name has a hard sound to it, Cuff. Just unpleasant all around. Poor guy.
  3. People might hate me for this one, but is clam chowder even good? I know, I know, how can I be from Boston and have never had clam chowder. It just doesn’t look appealing. Doesn’t look like something I want to eat. Is it a meal? Or is it like an appetizer- when would I order it anyway?
  4. Which former Red Sox sideline reporter do you miss the most? Tina Cervasio, Heidi Watney, Jenny Dell or Jamie Erdahl. Real tough one here for me. I was a big fan of each of these lovely ladies, but ultimately I think I miss Heidi the most, Jamie a very close second. (According to wiki, Hazel Mae was never an on-field reporter for the team)
  5. What would you do with City Hall Plaza? I’ve been thinking about this question a lot since it was announced last year that they were looking to redesign it. I don’t have any un-ordinary ideas for it, but I’d first suggest a some kind of restaurant with outdoor seating/drinking area for the warm weather months. I’d also try to make some area a park-like atmosphere because I love the Public Garden and Boston Common. I also like what the Seaport does over by Strega – they have music playing coming from speakers in the ground. I think that’s pretty cool and would love to hear that in this new spot. Overall, just really make it a welcoming scene to walk through.

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