What Music has told me about turning 26

Absolutely nothing. That’s right, with the very little amount of time I spent looking for songs that mention being 26, I couldn’t find anything. So instead of posting about that, I’m going to give you the playlist of artists who share my birthday.

Bandleader FRANKIE CARLE, aka “The Wizard of the Keyboard”, and his most popular hit “Sunrise Serenade”

JEAN SABLON, who I had never heard of but apparently he’s the French equivalent of Bing Crosby. So here’s him singing La Vie En Rose, a French song I do know and enjoy.

The most popular artist sharing the day, The Queen of Soul, ARETHA FRANKLIN. Chose not to go with “Respect”, but “Chain of Fools” instead, which I think is her best song.

ELTON JOHN. Quick story: Last summer I was down the Cape one weekend and my cousin, brother, some of his friends and I went out to an Irish bar in Falmouth. Of course they had a live band, who were decent. But halfway through the night, someone at the bar requested they play Elton John…. Didn’t have a song in mind, just wanted some Elton John covers at an Irish bar. So the main singer of this band asked to the rest of the bar what Elton John song people wanted to hear – just yell them out. People yell out “Crocodile Rock”, “Rocket Man”, etc. I sarcastically yell out “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” and sure enough I’m the one the guy heard. He said, “Did someone really just say that?” and it got a good laugh. Then he says “ok” and the band started playing it! It actually wasn’t terrible, just crazy hearing it at an Irish bar on the Cape.

STEVE NORMAN. Fast forward here to 2:59 and there’s ya boy. Yup, the saxophonist for Spandau Ballet.

KATHARINE MCPHEE, who lost to Taylor Hicks in American Idol. Imagine having to say that to yourself? Man, that must really suck. Anyways, here’s Katharine singing a duet with Andrea Bocelli. If you can sing this song with him, you’re okay in my book.

Sean Michael Leonard Anderson, better known as BIG SEAN. I like Big Sean. I probably couldn’t tell you 5 of his own songs, but he’s good for a feature.

BUCK OWENS. Yes! This one… I don’t even have to ask, but I will. What do you think of this one?

Okay, he actually died on March 25th so RIP, I just wanted to include this song.

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