Friday Favorites: Bruce Springsteen Songs

Bruuuuuuuce!! Unfortunately I didn’t get to see him in Boston last night, but I heard it was great, as expected. I’ve actually only seen him once, back in 2008 at Gillette Stadium in the pouring rain. (That was like 8 years ago – people don’t forget!) The start was delayed due to the weather, but once they got started, oh man was it incredible. I’d love to go over all that they played that night, but trust me when I say the set list was incredible. Or don’t trust me and look at it here! Am I wrong? Now back then, I wasn’t nearly as big of a fan than I am now, so my favorites list probably would have differed in 2008. But alas, it is 2016, and here are my Favorite Bruce Springsteen Songs:

I only did 6 because I didn’t have enough time to figure out 7-20, but would like to eventually.

6. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)

5. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out

4. Badlands

3. Thunder Road

2. Born to Run

1. Jungleland

C’mon guys, this is an easy one! A little participation would be greatly appreciated… Let’s hear your favorite Bruce songs, I know you got ’em!

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  1. Great one! Tough to beat your top 6, but here is a go at my own top 6 in descending order (and I posted links where I differed from the post above!):

    6. The River – Very sad but its melancholy Bruce at his best. The sax on this, especially in the live versions, is breathtaking. Live:

    5. I’m on Fire – This is a funny one because there are a few versions that sound completely different, but for my money, this is his best love song. Live:–JyQ

    4. Growing Up – This song gives you a real feel for where Bruce comes from and his past experience (song title kind of makes that clear). There is a live version where he intersperses stories about his parents and it just sets the stage perfectly. Also, the piano is magical. Live MUST LISTEN:

    3. Born to Run – Lyrics are classic Bruce. Great sing along song. Lots of energy, lots of fun, and you can really just feel him belting it out. Acoustic is the bomb:

    2. Thunder Road – One of the best sing along songs ever in my opinion. Plus I love that it just goes straight throughout without any traditional song structure. Great imagery too.

    1. Jungleland – Just an amazing song in every respect. Lyrics, vocals, instruments, everything is Bruce and the E Street Band at their best. The live versions just take it to another level.

    Honorable Mentions (songs 7-10 for me), in no particular order:
    -Darkness on the Edge of Town
    -Born in the USA

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