New Years Resolutions

Last year I wrote about my Bucket List and it got a lot of love. I had many people reach out to me to talk about it. They loved the idea, so in some ways I motivated other people to create their own list, or help achieve mine. BUT, I can’t lie to you loyal readers of CE – I didn’t cross anything off. Sad, I know. It’s not like I was lazy or anything, I just couldn’t find the time or money to accomplish any of them. 2015 was still a great year; good things happened to me and my family and I did a lot of personal things that aren’t on the list, but were important to me. This year though, I’m back at it. Already planning a trip to San Diego in February and possibly get started on the ballparks trips in the summer. I will add some New Years Rezzy’s though, to pass the time. They are:

  1. Read more. I heard this quote by a buddy of mine once, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” I thought it was like Hawthorne or somebody. Nope, it’s from a character in a book by George R. R. Martin that I of course never read. That alone gave me the motivation to read more. I have some books in my queue, but am up for suggestions!
  2. Be more active. Sometimes I feel like my weekends are routine and that I need to add some spontaneity to them. I workout a decent amount, and do a fair amount of running when the weather is nice, but I wanna do different stuff too. This could definitely help with crossing something off my BL, if I get to go hiking or something like that. 
  3. Travel more. Of course it’d be great to say “fucket, I’m going to Italy!” but that’s not the reality. While I still want to travel abroad, I’d be content with travelling locally too. I think about the week I spent in Ireland and how nearly everyday, we did a day trip to a place 2 hours or less away. That way the drives not bad both ways and you get a pretty good amount of time to do stuff that day wherever you travel. I’d like to start doing that around Mass and New England. 
  4. Promote BostonDaily more. For those of you who don’t know what BD is, it’s mostly photos taken in and around Boston by me with help from family and friends. Not sure how to go about doing this, as I still work full time. But I want to find a way to copyright and possibly sell these pictures – might as well try to make this a profitable hobby. BostonDaily Twitter/Instagram.

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