5 Questions


Anybody wanna take a stab at what this post is about? No, wise-ass, it’s not another Favorites list! It’s something better different; 5 random questions I have. Now you may have seen me tweet these out on Twitter, but this is a forum to elaborate, maybe get a discussion going? A lil discussion here, a lil uh conversation or debate about a certain topic, a lil detailed treatment of a particular topic in speech or writing, eh? And we’re off!

  1. Is the Patriots’ defensive 3rd down horn the Bruins goal horn? B’s play at home tonight so listen when Krejci scores and then think about it next week when the Patriots are back home and they’re going up against the Bills’ third down. Pretty similar if you ask me.
  2. Why isn’t Total’s ‘Can’t You See‘ played on the radio more? I mean we ought to hear it more, strictly cuz of BIG’s verse, which, I personally find to be one of his best. So reach out to your local DJs and let’s get this classic more air time.
  3. Have you ever heard of the country Mauritius? Yea this is a real country, look it up. Kinda freaky when you think about it, just a random place out there you never even knew about. I did hear though that J Crew makes some clothes there, don’t know what the F is up with that.
  4. Did you know that Bill O’Brien was born in Dorchester? And if so, why didn’t you tell me? Guy was in New England for like 5 years and I never heard a peep about him being OFD, and believe me, that’s definitely something that would spread. I’m hoping it’s not like he was literally born at St. Margaret’s in Dot and is just claiming he’s from here, I hate when people say that.
  5. Who’s the girl singing on ‘I Got A Man’ by Positive K? The song was featured in L2LB a little while ago, so I had to throw out this question… Ok so actually I cheated on this one and looked it up, but it’s bizarre! It’s Positive K! Yea, dude changed his voice and used “studio technology” to be the chick on his own song. Idk why, but I respect the hell outta that. Figured no way people knew this, so I’d spread the news (23 years later).

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