A Taste of Dorchester

Now that football season is fully underway, 41 SMT has been ordering a lot of food. Whether it’s during Gameday on Saturdays, or the Pats or RedZone on Sundays, we’ll call up a take-out place around Dorchester and order whatever it is we’re craving at that hour. If we’re smart, sometimes we’ll order extra just to save for the next meal (lazy or innovative?). And for quite some time now, I’ve been keeping track with what I’ve liked most at each place we order from. Perhaps this will serve as a guide when eating out in our neighborhood. Here are my favorites:

  • Best Pizza: Puritan. Close second is Papa Gino’s, but you know I gots ta support my local businesses.
  • Best Buffalo Chicken Tenders: Windy City. That bucket of buffalo chicken tenders is so money. Plus, you can’t beat their Pizza + Tenders deal.
  • Best Steak & Cheese Sub: Believe it or not, this is still up for grabs! A large steak & cheese sub is almost always my go-to. Unfortunately, though, I haven’t been able to settle on a favorite here in Dot. It’s gone back and forth between a couple places, but tbh, a lot of them keep letting me down. Right now my favorite is Five Star. Yep, Five Star. Forgot about this place, didn’t you? I know I did, and then one day I drove by it and it all came back to me. The next weekend I ordered up a large S+C sub, and it was as good as I remembered so let’s hope they keep it up… A few years ago, it used to be the D’Angelo’s on Morrissey. Long story short, we “boycotted” this particular D’angies branch after two bad experiences in a row, and, well, are they still there??? Years before that it was Mario’s. Dang, I miss you, Mario’s steak & cheese.
  • Best Fries: Pizza 24, formerly Cee Cee’s. Big debate in my apartment, but P24 is where I stand. I will say this though, fries were part of the cause of a 3 month boycott my brother put on a place that has been since been lifted… Stay woke take-out places of Dorchester.
  • Best Wings: Idk man, maybe Windy? Love “Wings Over …” places, but since there’s none around here, I settle for boneless tenders. I’ll have to get my act together on this one. Any suggestions?
  • Best Buffalo Chicken Calzone: Riddick’s aka Neponset House of Pizza. Shout out to Pizza Connection in Quincy though, you’re still the GOAT. (The answer is yes I will travel over the bridge to get you if I’m really craving it. The answer is again yes, I did make my brother and brother-in-law pause the start of the Super Bowl because you took so long though).

That’s all I got for now. Am I way off with my preferences or did I miss any? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!

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