Friday Favorites: Dave Matthews Band songs

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge DMB fan. So since I am once again seeing them perform in Mansfield tomorrow night, I present my Favorite DMB songs. I chose to only give my Top 5 because it gets tricky after that. I know which other songs make up my Top 10, but they could be anywhere in between, depending on how I’m feeling. I encourage all fans of DMB who read this to give me your Top 5 because I’d love to see the variation. If you want to go deeper than that, and perhaps give me your favorite versions of each song, that’d be cool too. Okay here are mine:

5. Crush

4. Two Step

3. Bartender

Too many great versions to leave you with just one, so check out Alpine, LT 8 and Weekend on the Rocks.

2. Grey Street

1. #41


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