An Open Letter to the Month of April

Dear April,

Thank you so much for being the best Month for Sports! You snuck up on me a bit, but I couldn’t be happier you’ve returned. Winter was very long but is finally over and spring has officially sprung. What better way to celebrate the better weather and a new, fresh beginning, than with an abundance of sports? Particularly here in Boston and especially for the last few years, this sports party goes all month long. As a reminder, here’s what you offer us:

  • NCAA Final Four April 4th
  • NCAA Championship April 6th
  • MLB Opening Day April 5th
  • NCAA Frozen Four April 9th and Championship April 11th
  • Red Sox Home opener April 13th
  • The Masters April 9-12th
  • Boston Marathon April 20th
  • NHL regular season ending, playoff push and start of playoffs
  • NBA regular season ending, playoff push and start of playoffs
  • NFL Draft April 30th

I have such fond memories over the years of each event and am excited to make new memories every time you roll around. This year, I look forward to sitting on my couch, ordering food, beer in hand, watching some of the events. I also can’t wait to be out at a bar watching the others. I promise to watch as much possible with my undivided attention in the hopes of continuing to grow as a sports fan. Thank you again, for your sports generosity; we fans are so blessed to have a great Month like you.


Every Sports Fan.

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