What Music has told me about turning 25

Welp, I’m 25. Not thrilled, but what can ya do? Surprisingly enough, there are not a lot of songs out there that are about or even mention being 25. In fact, I could only find three songs. One of them was Sugar Ray’s “Fly” but that’s about how his mom died at 25, so let’s stay away from that one. Here are the other two:

What’s Up? – 4 Non Blondes

“Twenty-five years and my life is still. Trying to get up that great big hill of hope. For a destination.” I think that’s how I’m feeling; like my life is still the same and I’m just trying to overcome some obstacle that leads me to a more meaningful place. (Whoa, shit just got real!) JK I don’t know what the hell it’s talking about, but what I do know is I love this song and finally have an excuse to put it up here. Who doesn’t love a good one-hit wonder?

Let’s Get Married (Remix) – Jagged Edge ft. Rev Run

Don’t get any ideas, I’m nowhere near this, but it’s got a message for those of us 25+. According to Jermaine Dupri, “If you 25 or older, you gotta turn this up”. And turn it up I will because it’s an absolute jam. It’s got three key components for a great hip-hop song:

  1. Old school beat = samples “It’s Like That” by Run D.M.C.
  2. You can dance to it.
  3. It’s a remix, and we all know how much I like remixes.

BTW, never mind “Where the Party At?” where’s Jagged Edge at? We need another hit like that.

So clearly 25 is not the best age mentioned in music, I might give that to 21 or 16, but it ain’t terrible. Maybe being 25 won’t be that bad after all, especially with songs like these to really get me started on the right path. (That made no sense)


  1. “So clearly 25 is not the best age mentioned in music, I might give that to 21 or 16..”.

    Please. 23 is obviously the best age ever mentioned in music. I don’t think I need to tell you why.


    • 23 is good. I’d love to to do a post on what is the best age mentioned in music…
      “Hold on to 16 as long as you can”
      “No one likes you when you’re 23”
      “when i was 21, it was a very good year”


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